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Prince Saunders and his contribution to Haiti

Born in the United States in 1775, Prince Saunders used the luck he found early in life to help blacks during a time of rampant racism and ignorance. Raised and later sent to university by George Oramel Hinckley, a white lawyer, Saunders was given the type of education coveted by many regardless of color or circumstance.

At 21, after attending Darthmouth College, Saunders was helped by college president John Wheelock into a teaching position at a school for African-Americans and joined a Masonic lodge, wherein he would soon rise to become the secretary.

During this early stage of his teaching career, Saunders persuaded Abiel Smith, a white merchant, to issue grants supporting black education. This endowment was granted and continued even after Smiths death, until the city taxes in Boston began giving support.

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Universite Publique - Sud Au Cayes

Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes or Public University of South Cayes, popularly known as UPSAC was founded by the Haitian government in the year 1999. It was an act of decentralizing Haiti's public higher education. Thus, the mission of Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is to train researchers, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in Department of the South. As of date, the university or UPSAC has nearly 1,500 students who are spread across three different sectors that include legal sciences, administrative sciences and education sciences.

These localized formation provinces are keenly supported by the Republic of Haiti's Directorate of Higher Education so that higher education can be made accessible to the majority of the graduates while the congestion in the faculties at Port-au-Prince can be reduced. The Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is the member of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie network and the UPSAC is supposed to be equipped by the PENDHA (Education Plan Digital Remote for Higher Education and Research in Haiti) project, a digital space for better educational facilities.

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Les Cayes Tourism School To Open

Haiti has taken another step forward to boost the country's tourism industry. In a bid to improve the quality of the country's tourism services, the Ministry of Tourism is all set to open a training school in Les Cayes. The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute was established to train and hone the skills of only 60 students. Under the program, the students will be taught and trained by professionals who will be recruited from Les Cayes and from the Hotel School of Port-au-Prince.

Students can now enroll as the admission period will last until February 15. The training school will offer various subjects and programs involving the reception and accommodation of tourists, as well as housekeeping and bar services. The program is meant to enhance the skills of Haiti students in order to provide the best of services to tourists.

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Universite de Port-au-Prince

University of Port-au-Prince or Universite de Port-au-Prince was established as l'Institut de Gestion et de Comptabilite or Institute of Management and Accounting in the year 1983. The university was created by a team of researchers and university professors with the aim to reach out to those graduates who wish to continue higher studies. As of date, the university has 5,000 students who are receiving education in the following faculties and institutes:
• Faculty of Juridical Sciences.
• Faculty of Administrative Sciences.
• Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
• Faculty of Economics.
• Institute of Political Sciences.
• Faculty of Computer Science.

Universite de Port-au-Prince is driven by development and in its 24 years of operation, the university has worked towards the development of Haitian human resources and at the same time, it has promoted Haiti's social, cultural, political and economic development. The university has addressed the strategies for the development of Haitian Rights as a subject of the nation's sustainable development while ensuring that its cultural dimensions are integrated properly.

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University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse

University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse or UNOGA consists of three parts mission - Teaching, Research and Service. Teaching mission involves educating the students of the university and then providing continuous education to them. Research mission is about pursuing scientific as well as technological research while the Service mission concentrates on dissemination of technological, scientific and cultural information as well as participating in different regional development programs.

The University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse has its accreditation by government of Haiti pending because of a few pending documents but the university has received a legal status and the diplomas received by the graduates of the university now have more value than before.

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College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours - Cap-Haitien

The all-male private Roman Catholic primary and secondary school is located on the top of a mountain dominating the city. It was founded in 1904 by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

This school has a long history with the city of cap-Haitian. An entrance exam is required before you can be admitted to the school in order to maintain the academic quality.

Some of the most famous and successful people in the entire region were educated there. College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours has produced religious, political figures and former Presidents. Former President of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide was at one point a student at College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours.

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Project Cyber Tap Tap Launch - The First of Its Kind in Haiti

Project Cyber Tap Tap has been launched by Martelly, President of Haiti at the National Palace. Many of the youngsters from the disadvantaged areas in Haiti can benefit from this newly designed project. Awareness of ICT or Information Technology and Communication is expected to increase.

Free Access to the Internet

All credit goes to Cyber Tap Tap. Educational games on websites on the internet can be accessed free of charge by high school students. Adequate training will be imparted to instructors, guarantees the Head of State.

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Haitian Students Face Off with Police over the death of Damael d'Haiti

On Monday, November 13, 2012 Haitian students continued their demonstration over the death of one of their owns. This was the third day of non stop protest, where students are demanding justice for the death of Damael d'Haiti, a student shot and killed by a police officer over the weekend at the School of Law and Social Sciences in Port-au-Prince.

"En Ayiti, Jistis Se moun Ki Ba Tet ou Sa..."

Haitian police and CIMO surrendering the protesters, blocked their exit from the law school, and fired tear gas. It has been reported that many people were affected by the gas. Children returning from school as well as other people going about their activities were affected.

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Bullying Signs and Solutions

Bullying happens in every social context to individuals, groups, classes, races, genders, and sexual orientations. Researchers claim certain characteristics are present in people who bully. They are often authoritarian, dominating, controlling, socially underdeveloped, and prejudiced towards others. They are also emotionally volatile, coercive, habitually aggressive, paranoid, insecure, and prone to acting in robotic ways.

Bullying or hazing--as it is called on college campuses--has a shameful tradition that secretly legitimizes itself.

Research in psychology implies bullying begins in childhood. If bullying behavior is not dealt with then, the risk increases it may turn into a chronic disorder. Bullying works through mind-games, name-calling, or character assassination. It finds fertile ground in gangs and groups, often occurring in school environments.

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Gifts for Graduates

A large number of gifts for graduates who are now going to work are widely available in the markets. Any graduate who is going to start work will really feel excited on receiving some of the most wonderful gifts. Parents, relatives, near and dear ones or friends may want to gift the graduate and so select something cool as per the choice of the recipient.

There is no need to feel at a loss for ideas since the internet is a great source of information. Those interested, can get some of the best ideas on gifts for graduates on the web too. Some of the gift items, a graduate is sure to like are electric sheets or blankets, luggage and the tags along with luggage with the address and name, a small sized refrigerator, linen for the apartment or the dorm room, choice stationery with the latest address and name printed on it etc.

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