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University of King Henri Christophe in Limonade fully operational in the fall, 2012

It is a reality, the newest university in Haiti, University of King Henri Christophe in Limonade, will start receiving this fall or in September to be precise. According to the Mr. Jean-Marie Théodat who is the Interim Chair of the Limonade Campus, the university will start with a total of 1,500 students who will not be staying on Campus.

Students enrolled at the University do have time to select a field of study that is of interest to them. According to Mr. Jean-Marie Théodat, no specific degree programs have been designed yet for students entering this fall. New students will begin with general education and on the second year, they will have available specific disciplines to specialize in.

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Executive Director Diana A Bien-Aime a Leader-in-Waiting

Miami-Dade College has appointed a new Executive Director of the Haitian-American Professionals Coalition (HAPC), Diana A Bien-Aime. An instructor in the Speech Communications Department at Miami-Dade, she is completing courses for her Ph.D. in Leadership and Communication. Born in New York State, she graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in 2001, and Masters in Organizational Communications in 2007, at Barry University.

Bien-Aime uses her degrees to work with organizations as a communications facilitator, and moderate education forum events on television. She is also a poet and motivational speaker. Confident in her new role, she shares her perspective on what will make HAPC an effectively-run organization: "Collegiality and professionalism . . . . along with the longevity of commitment to . . . (the) community's issues."
Her priorities as the new Executive Director are to persuade members to commit to strategies that will spur economic growth and offer mediation, formulating policy resources, civic involvement, and membership alliances.

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Ministry of Tourism starts hospitality training for Haitians

The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has selected five top students, who have graduated from the Hotel School of Haiti (HSH), to train front-of-the-house hotel employees, in a three-month long vocational program. They will instruct well over a thousand hotel service employees in Les Cayes, Camp-Perrrin, Jacmel, and North Departments. The classes will be conducted in Port-Salut. The new trainers have all received degrees in Hotel Management and Tourism and will continue their studies at Dominican University in Fall 2012.

The HSH, shuttered since the January 2010 earthquake, began classes again in January 2012. To raise the training program standards, the MOT, in an on-going partnership with the Institute of Tourism and Hotel of Quebec, will introduce new study materials at an August conference for instructors and school officials of the HSH.

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Jonathan Vilma, Linebacker, open Academy for Peace and Justice School in Haiti

New Orleans Saints linebacker, Jonathan Vilma, recently opened an academy in Haiti which is known as the Jonathan Vilma Foundation. This institution is meant to enable all the children around the region get an education where he is able to provide most of the basic needs for these kids without much hassle on their part. This is because he is providing them with everything they need including an all paid for education. He raised $50,000 for this project and says that so for everything is working out just fine with everything intended being in place.

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Shakira visits Haiti to build school for children

The Latin pop star Shakira visits Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to meet earthquake survivors and work on her plan which is to build a school in Haiti for children. Shakira's school will be similar to the one established by her Barefoot foundation in Colombia. She said: " Providing education to Haitian children would be a key part of the reconstruction of the quake-shattered country, which even before the disaster was already the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere."

Beside this current plan to open a school in Haiti, Shakira is already involved with several international actors to raise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

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