Hot Kidnapping Areas In Haiti

Haiti has been included in the list of kidnapping capitals in the world. Even if the country has recorded a decline in its kidnapping cases in the past, the number remains very high. Kidnappers in Haiti do not select victims based on their gender, age, nationality or race. As long as they have the opportunity to snatch someone, they will.


Haiti kidnapping

There are areas in Haiti that one must avoid due to security and safety concerns. Port-au-Prince, the country's capital, has a high crime rate. Slum areas in the capital, including Cite Soleil, Carrefour, Martissant, and the Delmas road area are hot spots for criminals. The same goes for urban route Nationale #1, the Boulevard Toussaint L'Ouverture and the American Road. Even public transportations are not safe because criminals, including kidnappers, can attack people in these areas.

Children are one of the main targets of kidnappers. These criminals are not hesitant to attack a home in order to abduct someone. Sometimes, they arm themselves, block a vehicle and take the passengers. In some cases, kidnap victims said they were tortured, beaten and sexually assaulted. Many kidnappers also work in groups. Their main motivation is money but there are also incidents wherein the crime is linked to politics.

Given all these, it is imperative for someone to be cautious all the time. Avoiding dangerous places and travelling alone are advisable. It would be best to have security detail on you all the time and have a security guard that you trust to ensure safety in your home.

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