Tips to Protect Your Children from Harm

Children are vulnerable in situations in which they feel uncomfortable, insecure, or frightened. Taught to obey adult authority without question, they are unable to act on their instincts when confronted with strangers who intend them harm. Here are some guidelines to keep your children safe.


• Sit down with your children and talk to them. Tell them if any stranger gets too close for comfort to run away as quickly as possible. Instruct them to yell as loud as possible as they run to safety.

• Don't allow your children to go anywhere by themselves. If they are young, have someone you know well accompany them. If your children are older, ensure they always travel with a friend. Keep tabs on your children.

• Let your children know there are people and situations that are not safe. Urge them gently to come to you if any person or situation feels unsafe. As part of your safeguarding plan, get to know your children's friends and their parents.

• When you create a plan for securing your home, involve your children. Explain how the security features operate so they can help you secure your home at night. If you use babysitters, nannies, or housekeepers, get references or conduct a background check.

• Change your routines. Criminals watch for patterns in your comings and goings. If you suspect any person traveling through, or moving about your neighborhood to be dangerous, call your local police department to alert them. If you can, take down a license plate number of the suspicious person.

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