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Shooting at RDNP office of PM candidate Mirlande Manigat

Mirlande Manigat has been the target of crime. We just learned that there has been a shooting at the RDNP office of Mirlande Manigat. No injuries have been reported. The unidentified shooter fled the scene. Mirlande Manigat is one of the six candidates for the position of Prime Minister for the new Provisional government of Jocelerme Privert. She has been considered to be the leading candidate

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Haitian Kreyol:

Fiziyad nan biwo Mirlande Manigat, kandida PM

Mirlande Manigat te objè de krim. Nou jis aprann ke te gen yon tire nan biwo Mirlande Manigat. Yo rapòte pa gen blese. Tirè a ke moun pa te idantifye te kouri mete deyò sèn nan. Mirlande Manigat se youn nan sis kandida yo pou pozisyon pwemye minis pou nouvo gouvènman Pwovizwa a Jocelerme Privert. Li konsidere kom kandida ki gin plis chans nan gwoup la.

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Trois Rivieres Botanica owner, Ronald Giordani, shot in Little Haiti

The owner of Trois Rivieres Botanica in Little Haiti should be very thankful this morning as he was the victim of a shooting in front of his business. On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Ronald Giordani who is the owner of Trois Rivieres Botanica was shot as he was helping unloading a truck in front of the business.

according to Miami Police, the incident happened around 9:00AM at 8245 NE 2nd Avenue n Miami. Ronald Giordani was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital by rescue. He is expected to survive his injuries.

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Live Border Shoutout between Dominicans and Haitians

Live Border Shoutout between Dominicans and Haitians - VIDEO

This video was Uploaded on Nov 29, 2010. it is regarding a previous incident between Dominicans and Haitians at the border.

The situation between Dominicans ad Haitians seems to take a turn for the worst after the Dominican authorities have decided to expel more than 244 Haitians.

This is the video of the event that took place in November, 2010; at which time the Dominicans were shooting at the border in direction of Haiti. In all other countries, that would have been an act of war, but not Haiti

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Warning To Haitians Visiting The United States

A warning has been issued to citizens of Haiti against all non essential travel to the United States especially considering the current situation prevailing there. In Washington D.C. the highest number of hate crimes has been committed. To respond to emergencies or crimes, the local authorities have limited abilities in certain areas.

Reasons To Avoid Travel

Shootings on a mass scale, gun violence, depression at high rate, ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder and epidemic rates of people getting overweight, etc are on the rise in the US. Citizens of Haiti are urged to exercise caution while visiting US.

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Live video interview with Wyclef Jean about the shooting on the eve of Haiti election - Video

We finally have the video of Wyclef Jean explaining the situation here he was shot in the hand. The singer is accompanied by his cousin Pras.

According to Wyclef Jean: "We heard what is called in Creole: Catouch", the sound of the booms." Jean further explained that he then, jumped in the car with Fanfan and went to the nearest hospital. Wyclef said he thought he really got "Grazed".

Here is the video of Jean during an interview with CNN: Watch the video here, on youtube then post your comments on Haiti Observer

Remember that my job is to bring you the information. You make-up your own mind

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