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Solar Suitcase Delivered In Haitian Village of Kwakok

Solar suitcases are solar powered, portable, economic and renewable sources of energy. The product of 'We Care Solar Suitcase' is very effective for remote villages with limited electrical resources.

It includes two 20 watt solar panels, a 15A charge controller, a 14 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery, a phone charger, two headlamps, an AA/AAA battery charger, and a fetal Doppler. Hardware for installation is included in its kit. The students in Anne Soos's environmental studies class at the Hun School of Princeton built two 'We Care Solar suitcases' in the final weeks of their 2014-2015 academic year.

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Accessibility of Internet, WiFi, and Solar Energy Lascahobas

Lascahobas is the nexus of an agrarian region situated in the Central Plateau. It lies one hour away from the Dominican Republic border. A population of 7,574 inhabitants lives in the Christian community, but Voodoo practitioners hold festivals several times a year in the foothills.

When Haiti's 2010 earthquake ravaged the island, Lascahobas suffered damage, although its solar panel project proceeded unimpeded. The installation of the last of the panels was finished at the start of 2013. The solar panel project began in 2011 with three partnering entities: Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Green WiFi (GWF), and Inveneo. They collaborated to give Lascahobas solar-infused Internet connectivity. The pilot program chose EFACAP school to be the first recipient of long distance Internet and WiFi hotspots.

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DloHaiti to use solar energy to power kiosks in Haiti

DloHaiti, a start-up based in Port-au-Prince has managed to accumulate a fund of $3.37 million from its round of Series A Funding. dloHaiti hopes that it will be able to use this money to quickly roll out its facilities of decentralized water production throughout the Republic of Haiti.

Jim Chu, CEO of dloHaiti told Global Water Intelligence (or GWI) after IFC InfraVentures initial seed investment that apart from himself, investments were made by Miyamoto International, Leopard Capital, FMO and IFC InfraVentures and that dloHaiti has a plan of going for scale-up financing of Series B sometime later.

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Opening Of The Solar Powered Mirebalais Hospital In Haiti

According to Partners in Health, an organization in healthcare based in the United States, a hospital is expected to open in Haiti in March. The name of the hospital is Mirebalais University Hospital. The hospital is one of its kind and is expected to benefit the people of Haiti greatly.


Cost of construction of the hospital is around 17 million dollars. It is a national public hospital with around three hundred beds. Construction has been completed and the hospital is due for opening in March.

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In Six Months (by July 2013) Prime Minister Lamothe promised 24 Hour Electricity

The MOH community in Haiti will be provided with solar street lights and twenty fours electricity within six months time, as promised by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. At Port-au-Prince, he promised that electricity distribution would be made for all, twenty four hours of the day.

As this really possible?

Strengthening The Electrical Sector

To achieve this, the energy sector, which has been one of the major concerns for the Haitian population, since ages, would be strengthened. The Prime Minister of Haiti had stated that the EDH or the Electricity of Haiti would supply eighteen hours of electricity and this promise was kept.

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Dutch company donate 10000 Waka Waka lamps to Haiti

A lighting and energy company of Dutch origin has promised to supply Haitians living in darkness with 10,000 lamps in form of a donation.

After the famous 2010 earthquake most Haitians are still living in darkness or using expensive and toxic kerosene fuel for lighting and energy.

The announcement comes as a relief to the needy citizens of Haiti who will now have access to the Waka Waka solar lamps from Off Grid Solutions. The donation will be done in parallel with the company's marketing campaign of the new lamp model. The new model consists of a solar lamp and a smart phone charger. The new Waka Waka lamps are essential for backpackers and people travelling.

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Eco-Villages Have Brought Hope to Quake Survivors

The 2010 quake brought drastic changes to the majority of Haitian population. This is the day that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit the city of Port-au-Prince and the neighboring cities of Leogane, Jacmel and Petit-Goave. It flattened buildings, leaving many people homeless. Many of them were left under the rubbles fighting for their Lives. Many were badly injured and others left homeless. Life could never be normal again. People had to move to rural areas to seek accommodation from friends, relatives or well wishers.

After the quake, many people have found hope in starting eco-villages. These villages are headed by Chavannes Jean Baptiste who acts as the leader and the president of an organization called Mouvman Peyizan Papaye, MPP. This organization was formed in Haiti for the last forty years in order to promote food security in Haiti. The eco-villages formed under the MPP holds ten families.

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