Haitian workers at SONAPI Industrial Park not treated fairly

On May 11, 2017: Haitian Workers Shut Down Industrial park SONAPI in Haiti, demanding higher wages. What did they want exactly? One, Their demanded a minimum wage adjustment from 350 Gourdes ($5.50 US) to 800 Gourdes ($12.60) per day. In addition, they want meals, transportation, housing subsidies. They also want that production quotas do not increase with the increased minimum wage.


Recent report would suggested that SONAPI as well as Caracol Industrial Parks have been doing very well. As per "Lenouvelliste'", production at Caracol Industrial Park increased by 154% for the third quarter (July-September 2014).

The real rate of unemployment in Haiti is around three quarters of the population despite the government record shows it at 40%.

There is no reason what so ever to exploit the Haitian workers at SONAPI Industrial Park. Haiti has a proven competitive advantage in manufacturing which is labor intensive. We have an abundant supply of workers. In addition, training costs related to the garments industry are relatively low. Furthermore, the United States provide exceptional tariff advantages for textiles and garment from Haiti through the HELP Act

Haitian workers are not asking for handout. Everyone is asking for a decent job

What do you think?

Is this a fair demand?

Do you think this is exploitation of workers in SONAPI?

"Si travay te bon bagay, moun rich ta pran-l lontan"

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Adolphe says...

I understand that cost of living in Haiti has been high for quite some time and 350 gourdes a day is merely sufficient to provide for a family.

the workers need to understand that such increase can't jump from 350 gourdes to 800 gourdes a day. This is an increase of 110 % not to include daily meal and transportation as requested.

I think such request can happen gradually over a three year period with the possible conditions of an increase 150 gourdes every year until they reach that

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Subject: Haitian workers at SONAPI Industrial Park not treated fairly edit

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