Sophia Martelly, I Am Prepared To Continue To Work Tèt Kale

Sophia Martelly is the First Lady of the Republic of Haiti since May 11, 2011. It is often said that, behind every successful man there is always a more successful and strong woman. The First Lady is often referred by her friends as "the power behind the throne" while the enemies call her "iron lady". Although, the Haitian press mostly refrained from making too much commentary on the presumed candidacy of the First Lady, it is a fact that nobody likes power vacuum.


Sources close to the First Lady indicate that she has decided to succeed her husband. She has formed her presidential exploratory committee, two years before, and she has been consistently doing a very good job on behalf of the Haitian people and recently has expressed her wish to work for the center-right liberal Party, Haitian Tèt Kale (PHTK).

However, a question on legality may stop all her moves on the presidency issues. Her renouncement of Haitian citizenship in 1989 (as then she used to spend more time in U.S) could bar her as a candidate for the Senate or Chamber of Deputies or as the President of the nation; but it is a matter to be decided by the ruling of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). She renounced her Haitian citizenship because, before 2011, dual citizenship was not permitted in the Haitian constitution.

Furthermore, both of Sophia Martelly and her eldest son Oliver have been accused by rival politicians on corruption and embezzlement charges amounting over $100 million of State funds, which they deny. They should not be given green signal to participate in the election until they get clearance and approval from the Superior Court of Audits and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA) and the bi-cameral commission of the Haitian Parliament. An article published in the New York Times suggests that the Martelly family has strong ties to drug-trafficking and other illegal activities, on the side of the First Lady and her siblings.

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