History of Student Protest around the World and Tactics used

Student protest has had a long history all over the world, dating back to at least 1229, when the University of Paris student strike occurred.


The tactic of student protesting continuously is one favored in certain parts of the world. In Chile, student protests have been taking place since 2010. They have come to be called the Chilean Winter protests due to the enormous participation that occurred in August 2011.

In Quebec, students have been protesting all during 2012 in response to large tuition hikes planned for the next five years. They are demanding tuitions be frozen and the Quebec government seek out other funding means. Students are using a number of tactics to force the government to meet their demands. Among them are whole-scale demonstrations in the streets, occupation of university buildings, and alliances with well-known radical groups. They have also done coalition-building with opposition parties, unions, and peripheral groups to force government's hand.

In U.S. history, the most historic student protest encompassed approximately four million students on more than 450 campuses. Two events fueled the unprecedented outcry in spring 1970: the Cambodian occupation in Viet Nam and the Ohio Kent State student massacre.

One of the most heroic student protests, China's Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989, distinguished itself when at least one student faced down a military tank sent by the government to intimidate the protestors.

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Subject: History of Student Protest around the World and Tactics used edit

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