All Haitian teachers will be required to pass test and become certified

All Haitian teachers are about to reconnect with their own roots as students. As part of the Government initiative to reform the education sector, all teachers will be required to pass a test if they wish to stay in the classroom. The test, daunting as it might be to some, will provide the necessary certification for teachers to keep doing their jobs.


The move is one of many to improve the country's literacy rate. Haiti, which has long suffered from a high rate of school drop-outs, is seeking to put an end to this, and the officials feel having uniformly certified teacher's is a step towards this. This plan is only one aspect of a greater project. According to Nesmy Manigat, Haitian Education Minister, it includes the issuing of provisional licenses to the teachers, allowing them two years in which to study and take the test. Manigat stated that what the government wanted was a new generation of teachers, as one of the biggest problems in education is the lack of qualified educators.

The Government will pay for the additional training and the test to be taken, and will use the opportunity to take a census of the country's teachers, where they are located and their competency level. The step forward in teacher education is a long-overdue one, as teachers were not required before to have degrees or any kind of certification in teaching. As such, the national teachers' union agrees with the move of the government, as affirmed by their representative, Josue Merilen.

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