New salary scale for teachers in the public sector in Haiti

A new salary scale for the nation's teachers was published recently by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) with the help of the Office of Management and Human Resources. The scale was developed with consideration to three criteria developed for the purpose with technical aid from the Management Board and Human Resources. It is part of a bigger plan to overhaul the education system, in which teachers will also benefit from better working conditions and an overall fortification of teaching practices and the education system as a whole.


The scale was based largely on the new system for job classification developed, but also took into consideration what the country would be able to afford. The classification, which is ranked according to teacher qualifications, is listed as A, B, and C. Using this scale the following three factors will determine a teacher's 'job class': 1) The current career level of the teacher, which includes a look at their experience, 2) Their qualifications, which includes certification through training, and 3) Their professional performance and track record as an educator.

On the new scale, a teacher on the 3rd cycle, with from 3 to 26 years experience will receive, as base, from thirteen to fourteen thousand gourdes. One who's made the École Normale d'instituteur, depending on years of experience, will receive from twenty to twenty-nine thousand gourdes. One who holds a bac +3 + (CAPED), who is acting as director in a fundamental school's first and second cycle, will get, according to experience, from twenty-one to forty thousand gourdes. One who has a master's or doctorate (less than 10% of the teacher population) can earn between forty-three and fifty-seven thousand. These changes, however, were waiting to be ratified by the now dissolved parliament.

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