At least 9 Moto-taxi drivers killed by gang in Thomazeau

How could you imagine that Taxi Drivers in Haiti could become the target of crime. Police in Haiti, with the support of the the U.N. force is currently is conducting an investigation in this matter. Haitian Police has revealed that so far the body of nine drivers based on a lead from a 20 year old suspect.


How did these crime take place?

Based on the Police investigating team, the gang members would lure their victims in a remote area close to the city of Thomazeau and kill them by strangulation or using machetes. A total of three suspects are currently in custody as the search continues to determine is there have been more victims.

Mezanmi gang an Ayiti ap bay problem. Pô mallere ap cheche Lavi nan yon bra mociclet pandan ke vagabon ape tann you pou yo fè legain sou yo. Mwen pa kwè nan Dictatè, min se nan sel ka sa mape fè yon excepsyon. "Se Divalye selman ki te kapab korespn ave moun sa yo"

Source: Washington Post

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Subject: At least 9 Moto-taxi drivers killed by gang in Thomazeau edit

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