Cancelling Flights Due To Natural Disasters

Disasters are a valid reason for cancelling your flight. However, not every airline is willing to give you a full refund. Sometimes, airlines only give back a certain amount or a voucher for future use. This is why it would be better if you know some tips on cancelling flights during a disaster.


Diasater in Haiti

One thing to be aware of is buying tickets from third-party discounters. There are several third-party discount agencies that sell more affordable airline tickets. However, they are also unlikely to give refunds should you decide to cancel your flight. Your option when it comes to this is to buy tickets with a cancellation policy or to pay additional charge to avail of such a policy.

The time of cancelling your flight is another important factor. Remember that airlines would be more willing to give you a refund if you cancel way ahead of time than doing a last-minute cancellation. Flight cancellations during holidays are easier because airlines have a better chance of reselling your ticket at same price.

Another thing you can do to save up when cancelling a flight is to get a travel insurance. There are travel insurance whose policies cover flight cancellation due to natural disasters. Such insurance policies allow refund to passengers who have to cancel their trip because their house or their destination is hit by a typhoon, hurricane, or other disasters.

In case you are not able to get a refund, you can opt to change the date of your trip instead. There are airlines that allow the rescheduling of trips. This way, your money would not go to waste because you will still be able to go on your trip.

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