Haiti court established Duvalier could be charged for human rights abuse

An appellate court in Haiti comprised of three-judge panel said on Thursday, February 20, 2014 that former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier should face trial on human rights abuse. This decision by the appellate court in Haiti eliminated a ruling by an investigative judge in 2012 that threw out the human rights charges against Duvalier on the grounds that the statute of limitations to bring such charges had expired.


It seems more certain than ever before that Jean-Claude Duvalier will be facing in the near future many of the victims of his private militia known as the Tonton Macoutes.

Bon Ponko, Ak yon tel decisyon kote viktim Jan Claude Duvalier yo pwale kapab pote doleans yo devan yon Jij sou kalamite avk monn ke yo te konn ape mote sou rejim bout fè Duvalier-a, se ki sa nou kapab atann?

Eske nou panse Jan Claude kapab passe de twa jou nan przon?

Eske nap atann pou nou wue_ yon jijman spektakilè, denye cri?

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No Name says...

to all Haitians brothers ans sisters, What have they decide about Aristide, is he without sin regarding human right?

I don't think

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Matkenson Jean-baptiste says...

Everybody should have punished for the violation commit.

It is right that Duvalier responds for his action.However, we can forget Jean-Bertrand Aristide and acolytes for their crimes.

Justice for

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Samy2014 says...


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Subject: Haiti court established Duvalier could be charged for human rights abuse edit

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