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Eco-Villages Have Brought Hope to Quake Survivors

The 2010 quake brought drastic changes to the majority of Haitian population. This is the day that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit the city of Port-au-Prince and the neighboring cities of Leogane, Jacmel and Petit-Goave. It flattened buildings, leaving many people homeless. Many of them were left under the rubbles fighting for their Lives. Many were badly injured and others left homeless. Life could never be normal again. People had to move to rural areas to seek accommodation from friends, relatives or well wishers.

After the quake, many people have found hope in starting eco-villages. These villages are headed by Chavannes Jean Baptiste who acts as the leader and the president of an organization called Mouvman Peyizan Papaye, MPP. This organization was formed in Haiti for the last forty years in order to promote food security in Haiti. The eco-villages formed under the MPP holds ten families.

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Town of Grand-Boucan in Haiti

Grand-Boucan is a cityship within the Baradères Arrondissement, part of Nippes Department. A coastal town, located on the northwestern part of Haiti's peninsula, it gazes out at the jewel-toned Caribbean Sea. The nearest large cities are Les Cayes and Port-au-Prince. Grand-Boucan, a town based on tradition, contains a largely Catholic community. Other practicing faiths are Protestant and Voodoo.

The sparkling Caribbean Sea can be seen from the center of town, and the sight of fishermen carrying their nets to the beaches lets tourists know this agricultural activity puts food on the table for many poor Haitian families living there. The sight of the city from a sea vessel, bobbing off the coast, inspires awe with its breath-taking mountain peaks set against a Caribbean blue sky, unlike no other in the world.

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Moron, a Small and Beautiful Town in Haiti

Moron is a beautiful town located in Haiti, in the Grande-Anse region. In Haiti, it is a small community. The population of the region is estimated to be around 1830 as per the census. It is located at a latitude 18° 35' 04" North and longitude of 74° 13' 27" West and towards the eastern side of Bonbon.

Alternate Names for Moron

Moron is located at a distance of 175 km from the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. It is situated at an average elevation of around 60 meters. For Moron the time zone is America/Port-au-Prince.

Though better known as Moron, it has alternate names like Ville de Moron and Bourg de Moron in Haiti. A number of non-profit organization and social groups sponsor orphanages for girls in Moron.

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Town of Beaumont in Haiti to produce yams, bananas and cassava

The town of Beaumont is located in Corail Arrondissement in Haiti's Grand'Anse department, deep in Haiti's Southern mountains. Haiti's President Michel Martelly went on a visit to Beaumont to look at how people live and how their living conditions can be improved. President Martelly plans to put more industries and population in the rural area so as to develop it. He believes that agriculture will improve Haiti. He thus thought of introducing production of yams, bananas and cassavas.

Production of yams, bananas and cassavas will greatly develop Beaumont in terms of creating jobs opportunities and also will improve Beaumont's economy. If the people of Beaumont agree to move from the urban areas and settle in the rural area where they will engage in farming, Beaumont will greatly develop and their living conditions will improve. Poverty is one of the greatest challenges facing Haiti and since there is enough land but people lack ideas on how to use it, President Michel thought of giving them the idea. The president was ready to support that farming if the people of Haiti were willing to develop.

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Saut-d'Eau, The Pilgrimage Site

If there is one thing that the Haitian town of Saut-d'Eau in the Centre Department is known for, it is its holiness. Every year, thousands of Haitians go on a pilgrimage in the town to pray and ask for miracles to its patron saint, Lady of Mount Carmel. Saut-d'Eau, whose name means a "happy village," boasts of a couple of historical and mystical heritage sites.

One of them is the town's breathtaking waterfall, where the name Saut-d'Eau was actually derived from. The waterfall becomes a hot spot during the annual pilgrimage, as people go to the site and jump into the waters as part of their ritual. Believers from both Catholic and Voodoo religions strip down their clothes and bathe in the waterfall, which is said to have healing powers.

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The Town of Paillant, Haiti

In the southern part of Haiti sits Paillant (known as Payan in Créole), a tiny village with an estimated population of 16,000 inhabitants. Part of the Miragoâne Arrondissement, which is part of Nippes Department, the metropolitan heart of the village lies hidden behind mountain ranges on the Tiburon peninsula. Like Miragoâne, it lies below Ile Gonave and an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Paillant was carved out of the southwestern area of Miragoâne City. Two communes comprise Paillant: Bezin and Salagnac.

As in other parts of the Miragoâne Arrondissement, specifically Fonds-des-Nègres, roads are nearly impossible to travel on. Few paved roads exist, the majority of them dirt and rock-embedded conduits of vehicular traffic. Travelers complain constantly of tires wearing out quickly.

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Plaisance, A Favorite Sightsseing Destination In Haiti

Plaisance is located in Haiti's Nord Department. In the Plaisance Arrondissement, it is a municipality. Around 63,278 people inhabit the place as indicated by the 2009 estimates. During the colonial times, the French considered Plaisance a favorite destination for relaxation and rest.


Located nearby, is a peak called Morne Bedoret at a height of 543 meters. The Fort Bedourete is located here. There are a large number of sites and monuments to see in Plaisance. They include Miracles Virgin Gobert's former chapel where in 1803, Alexandre Petion and Jean-Jacques Dessalines met before the launch of the final assault against Cape Francais.

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Quartier-Morin, A Small Town In Haiti

Quartier-Morin is located in Haiti's Nord Department. In Haiti's northern peninsula, it is a small town. In the Cap-Haitien Arrondissement, it is a municipality having around 24,000 inhabitants. De Quartier Morin and Quartier Morin Ville are the other names used for Quartier-Morin.

The 2010 Disputed Elections

There was a violent protest during the disputed elections that took place in the year 2010. Quartier-Morin hit the news when United Nation peacekeepers shot down one of the demonstrators.

From Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti one has to travel eighty miles to get to Quartier-Morin. It is located at 19.687655 latitude and -72.162345 longitude. Morne-Pele and Basse Plaine are the two sections into which the municipality is divided.

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Bahon, A Fine Destination In Haiti

Bahon is a town located in the Nord Department of Haiti in the Grande-Rivière-du-Nord Arrondissement and on the popular river named Grand Rivière du Nord. It was located formerly on the rail road towards the south of Cap Haitien in the year 1915.

Places To Access From Bohan

Around 17,000 people inhabit this place as per estimates. It is located at an elevation of 171 meters above the level of the sea. To the northwest of Bahon is located, Cap Haitien at a distance of 21 miles. Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti is located at 66 miles away to the south of Bahon.

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Petite-Riviere-des-Nippes in Nippes Department

Petite-Riviere-des-Nippes, a cityship of the Miragoâne Arrondissement, which is under the Nippes Department, has a population of approximately 30,000. It lies below Ile Gonave and an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Four other communes make up Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes: Liana Fond, Cholette, Sillègue and Bezin.

Recently the Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes Mayor's Office issued a press release, in which it gave an update on the progress of the city infrastructure development project.

Beginning in 1999, the local government of Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes put forth a development plan. Development committees were to be established in each commune of Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes to prioritize a list of development projects for each of the communes. Two years were committed to pilot projects, in which training of participants was closely monitored.

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