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Jacmel and the Tourism Industry

Being one of the major and historical towns in Haiti, Jacmel has become a popular tourist destination. It is among the cities that many tourists visit because of everything it has to offer. Jacmel, which is the capital of the Sud-Est department, is known for its charm, history, arts and architecture, among others.

Staying in Jacmel for a vacation is comfortable, given the number of guesthouses and hotels available in the town. What's better is that the accommodation in Jacmel is normally cheaper than in other cities. There are several famous hotels in the town, including Hotel Cyvadier, Hotel Florita and high-end Cap Lamandou Hotel.

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The Environment in Grand-Gosier

Efforts are being exerted to improve the environment of the town of Grand-Gosier in Belle-Anse Arrondissement. This small town in the Sud Est department has experienced environmental degradation in the past. Rampant illegal logging is never good for the environment and Grand-Gosier's land was not spared from it. Due to too much logging of wood, the town's environment suffered and was greatly damaged. It also caused the extensive deforestation in the municipality. Because of this, non-government organizations became concerned about the town's environment. Therefore, they came up with plans and programs to restore the environment, which is very important. The organizations made efforts to reforest the affected areas.

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The Town Of Anse-a-Pitres

Anse-a-Pitres is a part of the Belle-Anse Arrondissement in the Sud-Est Department. It is a border town with about 8,000 residents, many of whom live in the villages of Boucan-Guillaume and Bois d'Orme.

The city of Anse-a-Pitres is quite poor. It lacks certain public facilities, preventing people from getting adequate health and other services. There are several health problems hitting the city, including widespread HIV/AIDS and TB infections, high infant and maternal mortality rate, and premature labor. Many babies are malnourished, while malaria and typhoid affect residents as well.

However, there are organizations like Foundation for Peace that went to the town to provide assistance. With their help, a health center was built in 1997 but prior to that, "tradipracticos," or healers without proper medical knowledge, were the ones treating sick people in the town. The lack of health programs in the town led to many deaths, as people could not seek immediate medical attention. The life expectancy in Anse-a-Pitres is just 51 years for women and 48 for men.

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Belle-Anse, A Fishing Town in Haiti

Belle-Anse is a poor community in the Belle-Anse Arrondissement in Haiti. It is the arrondissement's headquarters that has faced a lot of challenges in the past years. Without help from international humanitarian organizations, this municipality of more than 51,000 people will have a hard time recovering.

The main livelihood of residents in this town is fishing. This is why it was greatly devastated when a strong storm hit the municipality in 2007. The storm Noel lashed the town, affecting its fishing industry. Residents' source of income hit a snag because of the damage caused by the storm. However, a number of international organizations, including Oxfam, sent assistance to the city. They helped revive the fishing industry so as to restore people's livelihood.

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Vallieres In Haiti

Vallières is located in Haiti's Nord-Est Deparment. In the Vallieres Arrondissement, it is a municipality and the capital. It is a third order administrative division and located at 71° 55' 0" West of the meridian and 18° 26' 0" North of the equator. Vallieres has an altitude of 36 meters above sea level.

Support From St Vincent Parish

Around 19,900 denizens inhabit the place. People living in Vallieres have been supported well by St.Vincent Parish. It follows a twinning program with Our Lady of Mercy Church

Positive Effects Of The Twinning Program

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Tabarre A Small Town In Haiti

Tabarre is a municipality and a small town located in Haiti's Central American Republic and Ouest Department in the Port-au-Prince Arrondissement. It is 7 kilometers southeast of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. It spreads across an area of 24.47 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 118,477 as per 2009 census.

Location Of US Embassy In Tabarre

Embassy of the United States was constructed recently in Tabarre, in the suburban area just outside the capital Port-au-Prince. The January 2010 earthquake ravaged the region badly. A lot of efforts are being put to develop the region.

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Terrier-Rouge A Destination In Haiti

Terrier-Rouge is located in the Nord-Est Deparment in Haiti at an elevation of 36 meters above sea level. In the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement it is a municipality and a third order administrative division. Around 251,577 people inhabit the place. It lies 1° 57' 00" to the West and 19° 38' 00" to the North.


Many of the people are small scale farmers in Terrier-Rouge. Not many crops are harvested due to which feeding their families is a big struggle. Pea-congo, maize, sisal, potatoes and cassava are mainly produced here. Occasionally, the farmers are able to produce more than they need and sell the surplus produce in the market to earn a few extra coins

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Saint-Louis-Du-Sud A Location To Stir Anyone's Heart, In Haiti

Saint-Louis-du-Sud, a municipality in Haiti's Sud department is located in the Aquin Arrondissement. Around 52,300 people inhabit the place. It is the gateway to the capital of Haiti's South Department of Les Cayes. It overlooks the huge Atlantic Ocean and the Canal de L'est.

What You Get To See At Saint-Louis-Du-Sud

Saint-Louis-du-Sud is endowed with clean white sand beaches that can stir the heart of almost anyone. The Dumesle Bay is a cool bay to visit in Saint-Louis-du-Sud. From the shores of this place at a distance of a few hundred meters is situated the Fort Anglais, another interesting destination for tourists. A canoe or boat can be used to reach the small island.

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Gressier A Small Town In Haiti

Gressier is a small town and municipality in the Ouest Department of Port-au-Prince Arrondissement in Haiti's south western region. It covers a distance of 89.8 square kilometers and is located at an elevation of 52 feet. As per 2003 data, it has a population of 25,947. It is located with the coordinates 72°31'0 West and 18°33'0 North.

After The 2010 Earthquake

Gressier is situated on its western side, the Momance River to its south and Carrefour lies to its east. Petit Boucan, Morne Chandelle and Morne à Bateau form the three sections of the municipality. The January 2010 earthquake affected the town greatly which also ravaged half of Haiti. The earthquake led to the displacement of a lot of people from their homes, and many buildings were damaged.

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Petion-ville A Suburb, Commune And Wealthy Place In Haiti

Pétion-ville is a suburb in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. It is situated on the Massif de la Selle northern hills, east of the city. In 1770-1818 it got its name after the President and General of Haiti, Alexandre Sabès Pétion. He was one of the four founding fathers of Haiti.

Wealthiest Place In Haiti

With a population of 342,694 as per 2009 census, Petion-ville is a well known residential area. It is the metropolitan area of the city, is affluent and well known for tourist activities.

Residents in Petion-ville include business people, foreign businessmen and diplomats. As compared to Port-au-Prince and other major Haitian cities, Petion-ville has more security. Buzzing with business this area has an active night life and is more peaceful.

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