Petit-Goave After The 2010 Earthquake

Life goes on for residents of Petit-Goave, a town in the Department of Ouest, after the earthquake that rattled Haiti in 2010. Though they have yet to fully recover from the devastating disaster, the residents have been trying to get by with the help of relief aid organizations.


In January 2010, the 7-magnitude tremor shook the town, killing many people and destroying most of the buildings and structures. Petit-Goave was one of the most damaged towns during the calamity. Marines from the United States have been sent to Petit-Goave in order to provide relief.

They helped rebuild the town. Non-profit and humanitarian organizations also sent assistance to people affected by the disaster. A Norwegian aid agency is currently operating a hospital in the town to meet the people's medical needs. Even if the hospital was damaged by the quake, it remains functional. There has been no airport in the town, making it more difficult for relief agencies to reach it and send assistance. The closest airport is the Jacmel Airport, which is 40 kilometers away. The international airport in Port-au-Prince, on the other hand, has a distance of 60 kilometers.

Petit-Goave is considered one of the oldest towns in the country. It was the town that was split up from Grand-Goave. During the time that they were considered as one town, they were called Goave by Taino Indians. The name was changed into Aguave by Spanish colonizers before being divided and named Petit-Goave by the French. Petit-Goave used to be a wealthy town, as it served as Saint Domingue's capital for a short period of time.

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