Sans Souci Bus set on fire, in Arcahaie and Fonds des Blancs

The transportation company Sans Souci became the latest victim of the protest against the decision of President Michel Martelly to make "Les Arcadins" a commune and to connect it to the Artibonite Department.


After blocking traffic from all sides on the the National number 1 road, Protesters who have been unhappy with this decision, set fire to a bus that belongs to Sans Souci transportation service. In addition, several motorcycles were damaged. One person was reported killed as a result of the incident.

The people protesting argued that this particular rural section of Montrouis has some of the best beaches in the region and to detach this tourist area from their region would be an economic lost.

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Louis Dory says...

This is really smart.

Haiti is so rich. Burning the whole Haiti will help them to be richer.

Isn't it time for these people to realize that killing, burning is not going to help them. Haiti is so far gone, I don't thing anyone jiving there understand an even thinks like

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Shime Leroy says...

haitien ce detruison ca buler busla ap ranger ou deranger ce haiti qui ap fais bacl le pou nou ta gai 2 ou 3 bagaille nou toujour ap reconnencer nou pap

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