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Presidential decree creating Commune of Arcadins rescinded

The presidential decree of July 22 creating the Commune of Arcadins no longer exist. it has been rescinded according to Prime Minister Evans Paul. The Prime Minister made the announcement on Thursday, October 22, during an interview with PNH.

VIDEO: Quick flight in Cotes-des-Arcadins, Haiti

That is not all. The new language will read commune of Montrouis as it was scheduled to appear on October 22, in the official newspaper the Monitor.

In addition, the government will pick up the tab for the damages caused by the violence resulted from the decree. According to Prime Minister Evans Paul, all victims will be compensated by the government, including owners of motorcycles, vehicles and homes

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Meeting in Montrouis and Arcahaie doesn't solve crisis

Yesterday, Sunday, October 11, 2015, two separate meetings were held in Montrouis and Arcahaie in an attempt to put an end to the current stand off between the residents of Arcahaie and the Martelly government. As you may remember, Michel Martelly has issued a decreed to create 5 new communes. In one of these new communes, Côte des Arcadins, is where his recently built multimillion dollars mansion is located.

It was reported that several senior officials of the Primature were present at the meetings, however no concrete decisins were made. While many mentioned the presence of Prime Minister Evans Paul at these meetings, leaders representing the communities of Montrouis and Arcahaie would not confirm that.

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Sans Souci Bus set on fire, in Arcahaie and Fonds des Blancs

The transportation company Sans Souci became the latest victim of the protest against the decision of President Michel Martelly to make "Les Arcadins" a commune and to connect it to the Artibonite Department.

After blocking traffic from all sides on the the National number 1 road, Protesters who have been unhappy with this decision, set fire to a bus that belongs to Sans Souci transportation service. In addition, several motorcycles were damaged. One person was reported killed as a result of the incident.

The people protesting argued that this particular rural section of Montrouis has some of the best beaches in the region and to detach this tourist area from their region would be an economic lost.

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Moulin Sur Mer Resort

Moulin Sur Mer Resort is a magnificent colonial style beach resort in a large sprawling property located in Montrouis-- one of the best beach tourism destinations in Haiti. The resort is situated by the side of a vast beach along the clear turquoise waters of La Cote des Arcadins. It offers 68 comfortable rooms with superb views, decorated in Haitian art and crafts, modern bathrooms, wardrobe, safe deposit box, free Wi-Fi, well groomed gardens, sandy beach coves, water fountain, children playground, enormous outdoor swimming pool, bars and restaurant.

The restaurant serves local and international cuisine all along the day. Some of the rooms are equipped with television and mini-bar. The sunset over a nice sand beach is really awesome. You can experience free Kayaks ride offered by the resort and enjoy the ride all up and down the coast for a couple hours. If you want to explore beautiful coral reefs, relax, the management hires cool scuba diving equipments to its guests. There is a museum in the area that worth a visit.

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Cotes Des Arcadins, Montruis

Located on the western side of the Hispaniola Island, Haiti is right in the heart of the Arcadian coast or the Cotes-des-Arcadins. The coast is made of long beaches of white sands and is considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a perfect hideout for tourists who want to spend some time in the lap of natural beauty that looks surreal and those who love fishing and sailing. Cotes-des-Arcadins is known for its three exotic beaches that provide a very pleasing climate and beautiful scenic beauty in Caribbean region.

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Transat, first Canadian company to offer vacation packages to Haiti

Haiti has slowly been getting back to its feet after the 2010 earthquake and one way of doing that is by bringing Transar to the country.

We have been trying out innovative ways in order to bring revenue to the country through its different industries. One of the recent industries the government has been focusing on and trying to promote in the international community is that of tourism, utilizing the natural beauty and splendor of the island country.

Haiti has great potential in becoming the leading tourist destination in the tropical Caribbean, thanks to the recent partnership between the Haitian tourism sector and an international tour company for this winter season. Transat A.T., Inc., a Canadian-based tour operator, has recently offered vacation packages to Haiti starting on the 23rd of January, 2013. Montreal will be the tour's origin where 30 seats per flight provided by Air Transat and Air Canada shall be designated for the tour package.

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