What is Brexit or British withdrawal from the European Union?

The English dictionary has an new work. It is called Brexit or a shortened from "British exit" to Brexit. British withdrawal from the European Union was a political goal that has been pursued by various individuals, advocacy groups, and political parties since the United Kingdom joined the European Union (EU) in 1973.


The European Union or the EU is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. It has grown to become a "single market" in Europe, allowing goods and people to move freely around. A single currency, the euro, is in use in 19 of the member countries. The European Union has its own parliament responsible to create rules in a wide range of areas


Ki sa ki Brexit ou Britanik ki sòti nan Inyon Ewopeyen an ?

Diksyonè angle gen yon nouvo mo. Li rele Brexit pou pi kout nan " sòti Britanik ". Britanik ki sòti nan Inyon Ewopeyen an te yon objektif politik de divès kalite moun, gwoup kap defann dwa moun, ak pati politik depi Wayòm Ini te Jwen Inyon Ewopeyen(EU) nan ane 1973 .

Inyon Ewopeyen se yon patenarya ekonomik ak politik kote 28 peyi Ewopeyen patisipe. Li te grandi pou li te kapab vin yon "sèl mache" nan Ewòp , sa ki pèmèt machandiz ak moun yo avanse pou pi lib. Yon sèl monnen , euro, te itilize nan 19 nan peyi sa yo manm. Inyon Ewopeyen gen palman pwòp li ki responsab pou kreye règ

Ki sa ou panse?

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Subject: What is Brexit or British withdrawal from the European Union? edit

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