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Michel Martelly call for strengthening of UN and enlargement of Security Council,

Haitian President Michel Martelly spoke at a recent General Assembly about the beefing up of the United Nations and the enlargement of the Security Council. Held over a few days in the latter part of last month, the assembly was the 69th Annual General Debate and featured the discussion of such relevant topics as the aforementioned as well as diseases, and the addition of the new permanent members.

The Haitian President spoke on September 26, 2014, the third day of the event. In his address, he said the Organization had to strengthen its effectiveness and seek aid in the form of resources in order to fulfill its mandate.He stated that the organization's credibility, as well as its legitimacy, depended on its ability to dispatch aid quickly to those in need, a characteristics that has been severely questioned following the slow response to the current Ebola threat in West Africa.

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Haitian volunteers banned from going to African countries to fight Ebola

The Haitian Government has made it clear that no Haitian is allowed to leave the country and go to any of the African countries currently hit by the ibola outbreak to help with treatment.

The statement was released by Haiti Ministers of Health, together with Minister of Interior and Defense. It stated that the Ministers forbade any agency, including the U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), from recruiting haitian volunteers for that purpose.

The Minister of Defense, Lener Renauld, also indicated that it's a question of public health and security to avoid any Ebola epidemic crisis from reaching Haiti.

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Haiti Shows Great Advances In Anti-Poverty Efforts, According To UNDP

According to the latest Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) report for Haiti, there's an indicated remarkable advancement for the country in the health and education sectors in particular, Stephan Dujarric, said on Thursday.

The UN spokesman made the announcement during a daily news briefing. He said that the Haitian government has tried to achieve some of the MDGs and it is in the right direction towards development. The new report launched by the government of Haiti and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) indicated that some of the goals have been reached and others are almost to be reached. According to Dujarric, the enrollment in primary schools increased from 47% in 1993 to 88% in 2011, which also achieved almost equal participation of both girls and boys.

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Should UN Soldiers be responsible for the children they left behind in Haiti?

There is a problem that has been growing in Haiti since the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti. Tens of thousands of young Haitian women are getting pregnant and giving birth to children without fathers. Obviously, the UN Soldiers have been expending their mission in Haiti by getting our women pregnant. However, when it is time to leave, they tend to leave everything behind as well, including their children.

According to a report released recently, Many women in Haiti have been getting pregnant from UN soldiers. By the time the child is born, the soldier is gone. Beside Cholera and abuse to the population, this is one of the problems in having a foreign force occupying your country and one overlooked by the Haitian government.

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U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon in Haiti for Photo op, not to apologize for Cholera

It can only happen in a few countries in the world and Haiti unfortunately is one of them. The U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon received hero's welcome in Haiti, despite causing over 8000 deaths, thousands orphans, widows and much more suffering among the Haitian population.

Due to his negligence, the cholera epidemic is now with the Haitian population and it will take a monumental effort to get ride of it. We can thank the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for that.

There have been many survivors of the Cholera epidemic who are currently struggling; children without parents, fathers and mothers without children, husbands and a wives without partners. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon believes that he owes them nothing for their suffering.

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Gustavo Gallon called for "full compensation" for cholera Victims

UN Claims Immunity from Victims' Lawsuit in Cholera Action

Mr. Gustavo Gallon, a human rights expert, who was appointed by the UN, has exposed the international agency for its negligence in accepting responsibility for the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti. He has released a report that claims a UN peacekeeping force, based in Central Haiti, let sewage leak into a river close to the base. The sewage pipes were not properly maintained and caused sewage to seep into the river.

The UN disclaims responsibility against evidence found during an investigation. Its defense is two-fold: one, it is not possible to locate the actual source where the cholera bacteria developed, and two, even if it was responsible, it is protected by the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the UN.

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UN World Food Programme to Buy Locally-produced Rice in Haiti

It has been a favorable year for the harvesting of certain crops in Haiti and, as such, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has made the commitment to buy at least 1,750 metric tons of rice grown locally by Haitian farmers. The rice will be put to use within the WFP school feeding program, and will benefit local producers.

Constituting a considerable increase from the amount of locally farmed rice bought by the WFP in 2012, this year's bid is over 500 tons more. From last year's count, other food stuff bought for the school program included 133 tons of ground corn and another 1,169 tons of rice donated to the cause.

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U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees takes position on Dominican crisis

Mezanmi, bagay you pa piti minm pou Dominikin rasis sa yo. Mwen panse ke you comanse reflechi pou decisyon sa-a ke yo the pran kont Pov malere Ayisyen yo. Yo realize ke Ayisyen yo ka pov se vre, min yo pa pitimi san gadon.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees issued their opinion regarding the Dominican Court decision to remove the citizenship of several hundred Dominicans with Haitian background.

The United Nations specifically requested that the Dominican Republic quickly restore the nationality of all the individuals affected

Baali Boooolova!

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The "Ark of Return" a Masterpiece of Remembrance and Triumph

A United Nations international panel of five judges picked Haitian-American Rodney Leon's modernistic and abstract sculpture as the winning art piece that will be installed near the United Nations Plaza in Manhattan in fall of 2014. Titled "The Ark of Return", it is a stunning representation of a slave ship, which will be hewn in immaculate white marble.

Len, a gifted designer and architect, also has another sculpture piece on display in lower Manhattan, the African Burial Ground National Monument. Leon, during his project presentation, educated the judges on the symbolic intent of the ark. In essence, he said the piece invites the viewer to explore it interiorly and exteriorly, a place of meditative thought and reflection, as part of an educational and transformative experience. It is meant to be a conduit to remembering the past without the shackles of shame attached to it.

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UN Needs to Apologize for Bringing Cholera to Haiti, Dr Ralph Gonsalves

Human rights lawyers have filed law suit in a U.S Federal Court accusing United Nation for misconduct and gross negligence on behalf of the cholera victims in Haiti in 2010. They claimed that the reckless behavior of U.N was responsible for the cholera outbreak because several scientific and medical investigation reports have concluded that one of the most likely sources of the outbreak was leaking sewage system from a Nepalese peacekeepers complex in UN housing. There is no other acceptable explanation how the disease that was present only in the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent 9,000 miles away, traveled to Haiti.

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