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Anel Alexis Joseph Stands By CSPJ

Anel Alexis Joseph has landed on a position wherein he can better help improve Haiti's judicial system. He was inaugurated as one of the new members of the Superior of Judicial Powers (CSPJ) in a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. He teams up with eight other members comprising the new panel as the President of the Court of Cassation.

Anel Alexis Joseph believes that before the CSPJ's establishment, the power that the judicial, legislative, and executive branches hold is not balanced. He said that the Constitution was not receiving the respect it deserves, while the Executive was undermining the power of the judiciary. With the new panel, all these issues are expected to be addressed as its establishment will give way to the separation of power among the three branches.

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The United Nations Day

October 24, 1945. This is the date when a charter by five permanent Security Council member states was ratified. It is after the ratification when the United Nations, commonly known as UN came into force. The five members include; United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Republic of China and the Soviet Union.

It is in 1948 when the 3rd anniversary of the occasion was conducted. From that year the day, October 24, has been called the United Nations Day. It is a day to highlight, reflect and celebrate the work that the United Nations and it's various committed agencies have done to the world.

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