United Nations and members of the Core Group on Haiti

The holding of long delayed election in Haiti has remained a major concern to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the members of the Core Group, representing the Ambassadors of Brazil, the United States of America, Spain, France and the European Union. The mission of the Core Group is to enhance the values, strategies, goals, priorities, and policies for the welfare of the Haitian people. The country has passed the last final programmed date for its legislative, municipal and local elections on Oct. 26, 2014, which is already three years behind its schedule. The inability to hold this election would lead to the dissolution of Parliament on January 12, 2015 and produce a political crisis.


President Martelly had tried over a series of discussions with the opposition leaders of different parties to resolve the impending crisis, however, disagreements about how to establish the electoral council and the contribution of the three important government sections, such as, the Executive Branch, the Supreme Court and the National Assembly has caused a great rift that ultimately postpones the long due election on October 26. A group of six senators (Group of Six) seems intent on holding elections, hostage to partisan concerns, even going so far as to prevent a debate on the electoral law to pass the requisite legislation and authorize the election. The term of the two third members in the assembly will expire in the next January. Such vacuum may result in a President ruling by decree, starting next January. The oppositions argue that "the El Rancho Accord has no binding force and cannot override either the Constitution or the Electoral Law and the electoral council appointed by the President has been created to favor President Michel Martelly.

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