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Services provided by Embassy - List of Haitian Embassies

Embassies are representatives of a country within another. They are often treated as places of refuge for those stranded, hunted or lost in a foreign country, but are mostly used to host dignitaries, are homes to ambassadors, and deal with issues of international politics as well as business.

It's important to know:
• They differ from consulates that only operate to assist travelers or those living and working abroad.
• They are always located in the capital city of the country.

Run to your embassy for:
• Visas.
• Lost passports.
• Casting absentee ballots during elections.
• Filing taxes.
• Birth certificates (to children of two naturalized citizens).
• Notices of death.
• Emergency fund transfers and loans.
• Advice on opening businesses in foreign country, immigration laws (specifically for those intending to marry foreign nationals) and how to navigate the legal system of the country you're visiting (they also contact your relatives at home if you're in trouble).
• They also file complaints on your behalf if you are mistreated while incarcerated.
• They help to locate missing people through their extensive web of contacts, unless a person has asked not to be located.

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Anel Alexis Joseph Stands By CSPJ

Anel Alexis Joseph has landed on a position wherein he can better help improve Haiti's judicial system. He was inaugurated as one of the new members of the Superior of Judicial Powers (CSPJ) in a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. He teams up with eight other members comprising the new panel as the President of the Court of Cassation.

Anel Alexis Joseph believes that before the CSPJ's establishment, the power that the judicial, legislative, and executive branches hold is not balanced. He said that the Constitution was not receiving the respect it deserves, while the Executive was undermining the power of the judiciary. With the new panel, all these issues are expected to be addressed as its establishment will give way to the separation of power among the three branches.

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