Services provided by Embassy - List of Haitian Embassies

Embassies are representatives of a country within another. They are often treated as places of refuge for those stranded, hunted or lost in a foreign country, but are mostly used to host dignitaries, are homes to ambassadors, and deal with issues of international politics as well as business.


It's important to know:
• They differ from consulates that only operate to assist travelers or those living and working abroad.
• They are always located in the capital city of the country.

Run to your embassy for:
• Visas.
• Lost passports.
• Casting absentee ballots during elections.
• Filing taxes.
• Birth certificates (to children of two naturalized citizens).
• Notices of death.
• Emergency fund transfers and loans.
• Advice on opening businesses in foreign country, immigration laws (specifically for those intending to marry foreign nationals) and how to navigate the legal system of the country you're visiting (they also contact your relatives at home if you're in trouble).
• They also file complaints on your behalf if you are mistreated while incarcerated.
• They help to locate missing people through their extensive web of contacts, unless a person has asked not to be located.

List of aitian Embassies all over the world:

Haitian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Av. Figueroa Alcorta
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 541-807-0211 or 541-802-5979
Fax: 541-802-3984

Haitian Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N 666
Sears Building
East Shirley Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-326-0325
Fax: 242-322-7712

Haitian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
Embassy of Haiti in Belgium
Ave. Louise 160-A 1050
City: Brussels
Phone: 322-649-7381 or 322-644-3753
Fax: 322-640-6080

Haitian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil
Shisl QI 17, Conj. 04, Casa 19
70465-900 LAGO SUL
C.P. 08618/71600
City: Brasilia
Phone: 061-248-6860 or 061-248-6437
Fax: 061-248-7472

Haitian Consulate in Montreal, Canada
Consulate of Haiti in Canada
1100, Boul. Rene Levesque Ouest
Suite 1520
Quebec, Canada H3B 4N4
City: Montreal
Phone: (514) 499-1919
Fax: (514) 499-1818

Haitian Embassy in Santiago, Chile
Zurich 255, Dept. 21
City: Santiago
Phone: (56) 2 231-3364
Fax: (56) 2 231-1776
Details: Head of Mission: Mr. Jean-Victor Harvel JEAN BAPTISTE Replies of Consular Affairs: Mr. Garry MERVEILLE

Haitian Embassy in Bogota, Colombia
Calle 106, No. 23-57
Sante Fe
City: Bogota
Phone: 571-214-2927
Fax: 571-620-4230

Haitian Embassy in Havana, Cuba
Embassy of Haiti in Cuba
# 4402, Avenida 7ma esquina 44
Miramar, Playa
Ciudad de La Havana, Cuba
City: Havana
Phone: (537) 204-5421 / 204-5422
Fax: (537) 204-5423

Haitian Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
33 Av. Juan Sanchez Ramirez
City: Santo Domingo
Phone: 809-686-5778 or 809-687-0316 or 809-301-1370
Fax: 809-686-6096

Haitian Consulate in Baharona, Dominican Republic
Consulate of Haiti in Baharona, Dominican Republic
City: Baharona
Phone: 809-524-4598 / 1-200-4598
Fax: 809-524-4598

Haitian Embassy in Paris, France
Rue Thodule Ribot 10
75827 Paris, France B.P.
City: Paris
Phone: 47 63 47 78
Fax: 42 27 02 05

Haitian Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Meinekestrasse 5
City: Berlin
Phone: (+49) (030) 88554134
Fax: (+49) (030) 88554135
Office Hours: 09.00-16.00

Haitian Consulate in Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe
78 Rue Vatable 97110 Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe, W.I
City: Pointe à Pitre
Phone: 590-893-580
Fax: 590-893-555

Haitian Consulate in Cayenne, Guyana
12 Avenue Léopold Helder 97300 Cayenne, French Guyana
City: Cayenne
Phone: 594-311-858
Fax: 594-312-065

Haitian Embassy in Rome, Italy
Via di Villa Patrizi, 7 & 7A
00161 Rome
City: Rome
Phone: 39 06 44 25 41 06 or 39 06 44 25 41 07
Fax: 39 06 44 25 42 08

Haitian Embassy in Jamaica, Jamaica
2 Monroe Rd., Kingston 6
City: Jamaica
Phone: 876-927-7595
Fax: 876-978-7638
Details: Accredited to Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Lucia, and Guyana.

Haitian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
34 Kowa Bldg., No. 906
4-12-24 Nishi Azabu
Post Code 106
City: Tokyo
Phone: 81-33-486-7096
Fax: 81-33-486-7070

Haitian Embassy in Mexico, Mexico
Cordoba 23A, Colonia Roma
C.P. 06700
City: Mexico
Phone: 525-511-4390 or 525-511-4505 or 525-511-4506
Fax: 525-533-3896

Haitian Consulate in Curaçao, Netherlands
Grebbelinweg No. 18, Willemstad, Curaçao, N.A
City: Curaçao
Phone: 599-9-461-3434
Fax: 599-9-465-8180

Haitian Embassy in Panama, Panama
Apartado F, Zona 9A
P.O. Box 442
City: Panama
Phone: 507-269-3443
Fax: 507-223-1767

Haitian Embassy in Madrid, Spain
Marques del Duero, 3 1 izq.
City: Madrid
Phone: 34-91-575-2624
Fax: 34-91-431-4600

Haitian Embassy in Taipei, Taiwan
246 Chung Chan N. Road
3rd Fl., Sect 6
City: Taipei
Phone: 88-62-872-2734
Fax: 88-62-831-7086

Haitian Embassy in Washington DC, United States
2311 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
City: Washington DC
Phone: 202-332-4090
Fax: 202-745-7215
Office Hours: M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm Consulate Section M-F: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Haitian Consulate in New York, United States
271 Madison Ave.
5th Floor, New York, NY 10016
Between 39th and 40th Streets
City: New York
Phone: 212-697-9767
Fax: 212-681-6991

Haitian Consulate in Chicago, United States
202 S.State St., Suite 302 Chicago IL 60604 U.S.A.
City: Chicago
Phone: 312-922-4004
Fax: 312-922-7122

Haitian Consulate in Miami, United States
259 S.W.13th St., Miami FL 33131 U.S.A.
City: Miami
Phone: 305-859-2003
Fax: 305-854-7441

Haitian Consulate in Boston, United States
545 Boylston St. Suite 201. Boston, MA 02116 U.S.A.
City: Boston
Phone: 617-266-3660
Fax: 617-266-4060

Haitian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela
Quinta Flor, 59 Av. Rosas-Urban
San Rafael de Florida
City: Caracas
Phone: 582-747-220
Fax: 582-744-605

Haiti Embassy , United States

2311 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
20008 Washington

Haiti Consulate , United States

545 Boylston St. Suite 201.
Boston, MA 02116

Haiti Consulate General , United States

202 S.State St., Suite 302
Chicago, U.S.A.
Phone: 312-922-4004

259 S.W.13th St.
Miami, FL 33131

815 2nd Ave 6th floor
New York, NY 10017

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