Son of Haitian immigrants from Queens, featured in Republican Ad

The Republican National Committee is scheduled to start running a series of ads in an effort to attract non-white voters in 2016. Pierry, the son of Haitian immigrants from Queens, is in on of those ads. The Republican party realized how poorly they did in 2012 when they only got 6 percent of the African-American vote and 27 percent of the Hispanic vote. they are hoping that with these ads, more minority groups will be voting for them. However, recent comments made by GOP candidate Donald Trump about immigrants, Mexicans, women, Muslims and other groups have not been helpful to the party.


Haitian Kreyol:

Pitit imigran ayisyen soti nan Queens, nan yon Piblisite Pati Repibliken

Komite Nasyonal Pati Repibliken an ap kòmanse yon seri de anons nan yon efò pou atire moun ki pa blan votè pou yo nan eleksyon 2016 nan Etazini. Pierry, yon pitit imigran ayisyen ki ape viv nan Queens, New York, nan anons sa yo. Pati Repibliken an reyalize ki jan an 2012 lè yo sèlman te resevwa 6 pousan nan vòt Afriken-Ameriken yo ak 27 pousan nan vòt Ispanik. Yo gin lespwa ke ak anons sa yo, plis gwoup minorite pral vote pou yo. Sepandan, kòmantè ke kandida GOP Donald Trump sou imigran, Meksiken, fanm, Mizilman ak lòt gwoup pa te itil pati Repibliken an

Ki sa ou panse?

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