Corrupt Haitian Government receives U.S Aid to avoid Economic Collapse

U.S. State Department has issued its Fiscal Transparency Report (FTR) for 2014. The report analyzes governments' transparency in the preparation of their budgets, for them to qualify to receive foreign aid. However there are some countries that are still recipients of U.S. aid despite not meeting fiscal transparency criterion. The State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was given $46.9 billion from the Treasury for the 2014 fiscal year. A total of 50 nations failed in 2014 to meet the minimum standards of budget transparency.


Haiti continues to receive U.S. aid because its circumstances are direst among poor countries in the western hemisphere. According to Executive Director Bob Perito of consultancy company, The Perito Group, Haiti is bereft of education and health systems. It also has neither a sanitation system nor running water.

The U.S. continues to give Haiti aid because as Perito states "We're never going to solve the problems of Haiti if Haiti does not have a functioning government." To that end the U.S. distributes money to the Finance Ministry's budget and coerces the FM to administer funding to government agencies, who then initiate projects on behalf of the various ministries not serving the public trust as they should.

Not all governments, who don't sufficiently disclose the details of their budgets, are necessarily corrupt. But the State Department and taxpayers benefit from being ". . . able to evaluate how money is being used", the reason for FTR.

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Subject: Corrupt Haitian Government receives U.S Aid to avoid Economic Collapse edit

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