FLASH!, Jean-Claude Duvalier just received his arrest in Haiti

Breaking News. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Former president Jean-Claude Duvalier has been arrested. He went to the police van without a handcuff and was accompanied with his wife is Veronique Roy. The family was escorted by Haiti National Police.


Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti on January 16, 2011. He returned after more than 25 years in exile in France. " I came to help my country" Jean-Claude said at the airport on January 16, 2011. Now the latest is that Jean-Claude Duvalier was arrested by the Haitian authority while in Haiti.

What do you think about the arrest of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti?

What will happen next?

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Rodolphe Schomberg says...

According to people's report, Jn Claude was brought to the police station to answer about the purpose of his presence in Haiti.

He must have denied any political ambition or involvement because he went back without police escort to his hotel room.

Same source speculates that he had expressed the desire to die on his homeland.

Other speculation assert that since he is ill and feels his end near. To avoid the millions which belonged to his mother from being misused.

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Kiko Pierre says...

I believe that everyone including jean Claude is entitle to a second chance and to live his life and finish his days in his homeland.

No one has done better than him since he left and went into exile so I am convinced with his world knowledge and the law degree he would be a much stronger Leader to lead Haiti out of its funk and I do believe 5 Years from today he will seek the office and will win in a

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Hercule Dd says...

he deserve to be get arrested because he take all the money with they family but now he sick we don't him as a leader no more let him stay as a haitian / take a moments look at him hes face look who he walkink he look lake a Baby now u don for get u for

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Gladadou says...

Can't you see the guy is sick. He probably wants to die in his country.

Just leave him

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Eddy Pierre says...

Haitiens et haitiennes, partout ou on est, je voudrais que vous m'écoutiez un moment:j'ai à peu prés l'âge de jean-claude duvalier je vivais les deux régimes pére et fils.j'écoutais des gens parler de leur sort, je voyais avec mes propres yeux les abus commis par les deux contre les pauvres haitiens et haitiennes malgré tout j'étais un petit gamin.cela me brule au coeur aujourd'hui de voir des gens qui accueillent et acclament à Duvalier;pauvres gens!C'est à cause de l'ignorance social et politique de la majorité des haitiens et haitiennes que haiti n'a jamais eu ce qu'elle mérite.tous ceux et celles là qui veulent aujourd'hui encore à jean-Claude:je dirais qu'ils ne devraient pas etre

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Sergio Sthilaire says...

I truly think that they are playing game with haitian people.

I have never been a fan of the Duvaliers.

However, as a haitian citizen, he has the right to return to his country whenever.

I also think it's time for the haitian government to be smart and mindful.

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Leslie says...

shirley if you new the stories behind this man;s action during his presidency during his father ' regime you would have never defended him. he is the devil in disguise.just waiting to have chance to

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Gaston says...

J C ta supose arete pou tout sanl te fe koule nan peyi a epi nou gen ti memoi nou pa ka te fi n vomi yon mange pou nou ramasel foure nan bouch nou

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Kok Kreyol says...

I dont care if it is Preval or the Police who ordered the arrest, Its not about how worst the country become after him. And it doesn't matter how long he've been away, if there is any accusation for him he should face it. The problem is who is behind that arrest?

We should know that no one in Haiti act on it's own, they have to receive some order from the "blanc" We need to find out who is manipulate our leaders and do something about it. Ask yourself the question; why suddently after 25 years under France protection with the country fortune they brought him back. why now?

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Jean Magloire says...

What, we see happening today, will serve as a reflection to everyone fullfilling a public function.

No one is above the law. But, we (Haitians) need to learn how to forgive/forget, so Haiti's sons/daughters can help rebuilt the

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