Jean-Claude Duvalier and wife Veronique Roy arriving in Haiti

The former President Jean-Claude Duvalier and his new wife Veronique Roy came to Haiti yesterday, January 16, 2011. The former president did not make any comment at the airport, however his wife Veronique Roy described the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier as very emotional. The former president greeted old friends and was visibly quiet.


Some are talking about the fact that Duvalier intends to play a role in the Haiti next presidential election. He is likely throw his support to one of the current candidates. Will it be Michele Martelly of Mirlande Manigat, as many people are now saying that these two are likely to be the ones selected for the runoff election.

Here is the most recent video of Jean-Claude Duvalier and wife Veronique Roy arriving in Haiti:

According to Veronique Roy, Jean-Claude Duvalier will speak to the nation the next day, which is on January 17.

Now the question is what is the objective of this visit?

Will this bring the old Duvalierists back ?

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Jean Bethy says...

hey what we need is change maybe that's a way to

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Michel says...

What is

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Jacques Alex Minuty says...

I was on the highway driving back from Ottawa when i heard the news, we all gotta remember home is home but the answer i wanna know is that, is he willing to give back a part of the money he flew out of the country with it, by seeing how devasted the country turned out, if his a man with good heart we would not forget but we will forgive him for all the bad things he did toward his country, cuz right now we need money to rebuild the

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Lovely Antoine says...

Listen, this is not a big surprise for me when someone like him get back to haiti, because remember that always that Haiti is where people is enjoying a lot of things that Europe can not offer right now. to be more serious about, for me is not a big deal but i don;t find right to soemone who lose is right to be a haitian citizen finds right now the right time to go, where you did not do nothing to protect and love, means there are always interest that are lying there.

if the goverment loves to do something about it on him, qyuestionning him and ask about that positon on come back and that should not be a surprise for no body.

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