Haiti is now in a Battle similar to the one fought in Vertières in 1803

As the political crisis continues in Haiti between President Michel Martelly and the various groups in opposition, the two sides seem to get ready for a major fight. As far a I am concerned, they are heading straight to a total destruction, the ultimate battle, just like the one conducted by the forces of freedom during the colonization period in Saint-Domingue which was called the Battle of Vertières.


The Battle of Vertières took place less than two months before Haiti Proclamation of Independent. Probably one of the most important battles in the Haitian revolution, the battle of Vertières was between the expeditionary forces of the French and the Haitian rebels. Fought on November 18, 1803, the battle would be the second major one of the Second War of Haitian Independence, as well as the last part of the François Capois-led portion of the Haitian revolution.

Leading up to the battle, Vertières - found in Nord - was already controlled by the rebels. In fact, only Mole St. Nicolas and Cap-Français remained under French command. Toussaint Louverture had been deported, and it was Jean Jacques Dessalines who was continuing the fight. On the night of the battle of Vertières, with only a small number of guns left, the Haitians prepared to take on Fort Bréda. The epic battle featured such great moments as the Haitian soldiers singing while storming the site under a hail of bullets from the French. There was even a moment when the French called a cease-fire, a salute from the French General, and then the resumption of the fighting.

The dramatics continued with a sudden thunderstorm, hundreds of narrow misses as stylish as single epaulette's being shot off, and finally the retreat of the beaten French General, Rochambeau, who had to send a representative to negotiate terms with Dessalines the next morning. The army was given 10 days to leave the island and less than two months later, the proclamation of the Republic of Haiti's Independence was made on January 1, 1804. Since then, November 18 has been held up as the Day of Army and Victory for Haiti and the diaspora.

As we are approaching a critical date in our history, January 12, 2015, I hope just like In the Battle of Vertieres, we will become victorious

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Neg Miserne says...

I would not say the battle of Vertires.

It's more like the last battle of Haiti first civil War. Henry christophe and Petion.

As you know, the union between those two was to do away with our Emperor.

After that, the union was finished.

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Subject: Haiti is now in a Battle similar to the one fought in Vertieres in 1803 edit

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