Haiti is now in a Battle similar to the one fought in Vertieres in 1803

Neg Miserne - November 20 2014, 6:10 AM

I would not say the battle of Vertires.

It's more like the last battle of Haiti first civil War. Henry christophe and Petion.

As you know, the union between those two was to do away with our Emperor.

After that, the union was finished.

And youknow the end. I predict the same outcome.

the mulatoes will take full control.

Because the people are not involve in it. It a battle or a war between the mulatoes and few blacks who think they're educated and civilized just like the mulatoes.

Those blacks are uncle toms and they hate everything that is true African.

Just like when they united themself with the mulatoes to put down the true flag of haiti and replaced it with the flag of the mulatoes.

Come January 12m 2014, they will pay for it. The Mulatoes will take full control until the true sons of Haiti and descendants of J.J. Dessalines come, put down the blue & red flag and raise the true flag. This time, it will be forever.

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Haiti is now in a Battle similar to the one fought in Vertieres in 1803

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