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Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

The national Conference of haitian Vodoouisants (KNVA) has eledted a new Ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Coma was chosen to become the new head of the Voodoo religion in Haiti. he obtained 23 votes from the 40 members who voted. Joseph Fritzner Coma has been practicing voodoo for over 37 years. He will replace Mr. Alcenat Zamor who died recently following a car accident.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Joseph Fritzner Coma eli kòm nouvo ati Nationale

Konferans Nasyonal Vodoouisants Ayisyen (KNVA) eledted yon nouvo ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Com te chwazi pou vin nouvo tèt nan relijyon vodou an Ayiti. Li te jwenn 23 vote soti nan 40 manm yo ki te vote. Joseph Fritzner Coma te pratike vodou pou plis pase 37 ane. Li pral ranplase Mesye Alcenat Zamor ki te mouri dènyèman apre yon aksidan machin.

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FLASH: New National Ati, Alcenat Zamor, is dead

We just learned that the new National Ati is dead. Houngan Alcenat Zamor who recently replaced Max Beauvoir after his death just passed away following complication after his car accident. Alcenat was 60 year old and has been practicing Houngan for the past 40 years in the town of Gros Morne. He He was elected unanimously by nembers of the National Confederation of Haitian Vaudouisants (KNVA) to replace Max Beauvoir. At this time we continue to gather information around his death and will inform you as soon as they are available.

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Alcenat Zamor Elected National Ati, Supreme Leader of Voodoo

On Thursday, December 10, 2015, Alcénat Zamor, the 60 year old hougan (voodoo priest) with 42 years of priesthood from his hometown Gros Morne, has been unanimously elected as the new Grand Chief Voodoo in Haiti by the representatives of the National Confederation of Haitian Vaudouisants (Konfederasyon Nasyonal Vodouizan Ayisyen or KNVA).

The news came with the announcement by the Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste, who has been holding the office of 'Grand Chief Voodoo in Haiti' temporarily since the death of Max Gesner Beauvoir, "the Supreme Servitur" on September 12, 2015. Alcénat Zemmour has been elected for a 7 year term and will assume his new responsibility from coming March 7th, 2016. The new Ati of Haiti has invited everyone to remain united despite their differences.

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Voodoo Sector selects Carline Viergelin for the CEP

What is going on with the Voodoo sector in Haiti? It appear that there is major confusion and conflict between them to come up with someone to represent the at the CEP. From what I understand, they have chosen Voodoo practitioner Carline Viergelin to replace Néhémie Joseph at the CEP; however, many members are not supporting her.

According to information we have on hand, the selection of Carline Viergelin has created more problems than it solves. Many blames President Michel Martelly and the president of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont as being behind this selection.

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Michel Martelly Visits Lakou Souvenance, Soukri Danach and Badjo

In the objective to support the Haitian Voodoo, Haitian President Michel Martelly visited three "Lakous" in the Artibonite Department on january 13, 2013: Lakou Souvenance, Lakou Soukri Danach, Lakou Badjo.

Martelly conducted the visits with an initiative coming from Culture Minister, Mario Dupuy. He entered inside of the Peristile of Souvenance with a Candle and a cup filled with water and and proceed to do the ritual called "Jete Dlow". The Haitian President received the benediction of the Haitian Voodoo priests or as they are called Houngan.

What is Souvenance?
Souvenance is one of lakous in the Artibonite region that are known for keeping a specific African Voodoo traditions. Lakou Souvenance celebrates the lwas originated from Daome which is called Benin today. Lakou Soukri Danach is known for celebrating the African Kongo tradition. Lakou Badjo has kept the Nago tradition of Yoruba.

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At Least 45 Haitian Voodoo Priests lynched, accused of spreading cholera

It has been reported by the Haitian authority that at least 45 Voodoo priests in Haiti have been killed by the Haitian population because these people assumed the voodoo priests or Houngan, also sometimes called Mambo were responsible for the cholera outbreak in their community. The population suspected that these voodoo leaders have been spreading the cholera disease through their magic power.

It was also reported that these people were killed violently, either by machete, stone or sometimes, just burned to death.

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