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Max Gesner Beauvoir, Supreme chief of Voodoo in Haiti, is dead

We just learned that the National Ati also known as the Supreme Chief of of the Voodoo religion in Haiti has passed away. Max Gesner Beauvoir died in Port-au-Prince this weekend. He was 79 years old.

Mr. Max Beauvoir was a biochemist and a houngan who had also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. He Was the first to be elevated to the rank of "National Ati", the highest level in Haitian Voodoo, in 2008. He founded The Peristyle of Mariani in 1974.

Mr. Max Beauvoir's role as Supreme chief of Voodoo was to provide spiritual guide to voodoo practitioners and to defend the religion against ongoing attacks from the other religions such as Catholic, Protestant, Evangelist and other alike.

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Pouki sa yon Houngan ka by Pwin Min Li pa ka ede tet li?

Si ke mwin ape travay nan lakizin, mwe pa ka mouri grangou; si mwen ape travay nan yon faktori kote yo fe rad, mwen pa ka ap mache tottouni. Mwen panse se ta minm bagay pou yon houngan, bokor oubyen manbo an Ayiti.

Eske nou pa janm mande pouki sa yon Houngan, Bokor, ou Manbo kapab by pwin pou moun pou moun gin lajan, min li pa kapab ede tet li? Mwen ouè anpil Houngan an Ayiti, min mwen pa ouè afè yo bon pase sa non?

Sanble mwen prale jete tet mwen nan Paste Leglis pito. O mwen moun sa yo by fidel yo grac, min yo recevwa nan grac sa tou, sitou nan min fidel yo ki kontribye nan la Kolet. Moun sa yo pa minm jan ak Pastè legliz!

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Former President Bill Clinton and his experience with Haitian Voodoo

Former US President Bill revealed in his new book " My Life" his experience with Haitian Voodoo which he found fascinating, and helped him to understand how different cultures try to make sense of life, nature, and spirit forces

The former US President recalled that back in 1975 after his wedding with Hillary, the couple was awarded a trip to Haiti from a friend David Edwards

Bill Clinton explained in his book that Hillary, his friend Edwards and he went to see a voodoo ceremony near Port-au-Prince. After a brief description of the voodoo religion, later that day, Voodoo priest Max Beauvoir later conducted a voodoo ceremony in their presence.

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Riviera Beach man dead, believed to place voodoo curse

It will prove to be a case of which story is to be believed. In the case of the murder of Dennis Donahue, in which Haitian Valdano Riche has been indicted, the the court has already been witness to gruesome crime scene photographs which show the deceased lying on the ground, with his head suffused in blood. According to to the state attorney, the murder was committed because the accused wished to break a "spell" placed on him by the deceased. The evidence supporting this so far being more than that the defendant is of Haitian descent and voodoo is prevalent there, the state says it will show evidence from the interrogation of the defendant admitting to this version of events.

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Voodoo an undeniable part of the culture of the Haitian people, Cardinal Chibly Langlois

Voodoo is a religious cult practiced combining the elements of Roman Catholic rituals with traditional African magical and religious rites, characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. It is heavily practiced in the Caribbean and the southern U.S.

Recently, the Haitian Cardinal, Mgr Chibly Langlois, said in a statement that voodoo was a major social problem for Haiti because the practice presents the element of magic and not genuine solutions to the people of Haiti who he termed as "a population deprived of justice and political voice."

His statement has caused such a stir among the inter-religious scope. In a press note, they said that they were extremely saddened and disappointment by the statement from the Cardinal. They argued that it would most likely intensify the confusion in peoples' minds and worsen the current anxiety and tension. They argue that the mission of the inter-religious platform is to advocate for tolerance among people, prevent conflicts and promote togetherness. They further went on to say that God does not empower any religion to judge another.

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How Haitians see Lwa Papa Ghede?

A prolific figure in what some would call Haitian mythology, Lwa Papa Ghede signifies both death, in his form as Baron Samedi, and eroticism in his general form. What he is, is the spirit through which one crosses into the afterlife. He is said to control its access and is, therefore, cloaked in black.

If one wishes to have communion with the dead, Ghede would be whom one would need to seek contact with as he is the keeper of the cemetery as well as the only source to the dead. This is not to be confused with Legba who must be contacted to cross into the spirit world. More exotically, Ghede is responsible for the world's eroticism. He is not titillated by it, nor ashamed of it, it is merely a part of existence to him. He is said to hold the more puritanical (especially whites) hostage to their sexual desires as a means of drawing them away from their modesty, a feat which greatly amuses him. He accomplishes this by "mounting" the unsuspecting.

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Trois Rivieres Botanica owner, Ronald Giordani, shot in Little Haiti

The owner of Trois Rivieres Botanica in Little Haiti should be very thankful this morning as he was the victim of a shooting in front of his business. On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Ronald Giordani who is the owner of Trois Rivieres Botanica was shot as he was helping unloading a truck in front of the business.

according to Miami Police, the incident happened around 9:00AM at 8245 NE 2nd Avenue n Miami. Ronald Giordani was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital by rescue. He is expected to survive his injuries.

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Voodoo, big social problem in Haiti, according to Cardinal Chibly Langlois

The battle for the sole of Haiti has begun once again. In an article written in, newly nominated Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois, said that "Voodoo won't save Haiti. Traditional faith offers no real solutions for the poor and is a big social problem".

Cardinal Chibly Langlois attributed Haiti's political problems to its belief system. "If a person is well educated and has the financial means, they will go to a doctor rather than a Houngan when they are sick. The same is true for conflicts between the population; someone would go to Court to get justice instead of going to the voodoo priest to get revenge.

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Zomby, a Pharmacological Phenomenon Clairvius Narcisse

The Haitian belief system of Voodoo is an inherent part of Haiti's cultural ethos. It co-exists alongside the dominant religion of the island, Catholicism, and has even adopted some of its practices. Traditionally, Voodoo has relied on animal sacrifice and percussion-driven dancing to induce deep trance states in order to receive the Lwa.

A peripheral phenomenon of Voodoo is the belief in Zombies, the living dead. To illustrate how a Zombie is created, Clairvius Narcisse is a prime example of how zombies originated as a cultural force in Haiti.

Clairvius Narcisse had been taken for dead around 1960. But unbeknownst to his family, a Voodoo priest had transformed Narcisse into a Zombie with the help of potent drugs. The priest exhumed Narcisse's body and in addition to Tetrodotoxin, which put Narcisse into a death-like state, the priest injected Clairvius Narcisse with Jimson weed, a powerful hallucinogen. This impaired Narcisse's brain function. He became a victim of forced labor until the priest died. Regaining his cognitive abilities, he drifted off, returning to his birth place to recount his agonizing experience.

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Ezili Freda in Haitian Voodoo Religion

Standing as the rival of the ever fierce mother figure of Ezili Dantor is not an easy place to be, but the beautiful and magical Ezili Freda seems no worse for the position. This Haitian Lwa, known fully as Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Daome, is a love goddess, associated with romance, luck in gambling, luxury, refinement, cleanliness and abundance.

Seen as the mistress figure, rather than as a wife, she is always depicted as a fair, white woman wearing three gold rings for each of her Lwa husbands, Danbala, Ogoun Feray and Met Agwe Tawoyo. Haitians flock to leave offerings of cakes, soap, gold jewelry, basil and perfume to the Lwa's most material girl, in hopes she will grant them the quick success in pecuniary matters she is known for.

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