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Injunction Against Petion-Ville Street Vendors

Petion-Ville has been having a problem with its street vendors on market days. Since the streets of the town are not set up for containment of wares, sellers lay down or set up their merchandise haphazardly on the streets. So many merchants fill up these impromptu market spaces with their wares there is no through-way for consumers to travel on. These pop-up markets take up as much room as a good-sized flea market in the U.S.

The difference between marketplaces in the U.S. and Haiti is organization of the physical space. In the States, vendors rent, or buy portable stalls that are then set up in an orderly pattern, allowing plenty of open space for foot traffic to move through. But in Haiti, in towns like Petion-Ville, no such rental equipment exists, or designated spots for merchandise display. Moreover, the marketplace has no manager to oversee operation of the vending space.

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