Tent Resident, Civil Merius, beaten to death by Haiti police

It is reported that Civil Merius, one of the residents of Camp Acra et Adoquin Delmas 33 has been beaten to death by police after he participated in a protest against arson attack on the temporary camp that houses over 30,000 Haitians. The camp is a temporary residence for these people after their homes were devastated by the earthquake of 2010. Darlin Lexima, another camp resident was also reported to have been beaten up by the police and taken in custody but Darlin did not participate in the protest. However, Darlin was later released by the police without any charges.


The tent residents when on a protest after their makeshift homes were set on fire by a group of unidentified people riding on motorcycles. The arson attack started nearly at 2 am in the morning and several tents were set on fire but the residents of the camp managed to put out the fire that was set on 7 camps. There was no report for loss of life and property during the attack. The attack took place after the owner of the land, where the Camp Acra et Adoquin Delmas 33 is located, threatened the camp residents that he will 'use all possible means to evict them'. In less than 48 hours after this threat, the tent residents were exposed to the arson attack.

After the tent residents reported the event to the police and asked for help, the police declined on the grounds that there was not enough resources to handle the case. As a result of this, the tent residents participated in a protest and Civil Merius was one of the Protestants.

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