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Haitian Government sees rebuilding effort going enormously well

January 12 will mark the fourth anniversary of Haiti earthquake where an estimated three million people were affected. The Death toll was estimated between 220,000 and 316,000 and the Haitian government estimated that 250,000 residences and 30,000commercial buildings were either collapsed or severely damaged. On Friday, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe delivered a progress report as we are approaching the fourth anniversary of the earthquake and estimated that the rebuilding effort has gone from very well to enormously well.

Is this your opinion as well? Do you think the rebuilding effort so far has gone not well at all, to some how well, very well or enormously well?

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Tent Resident, Civil Merius, beaten to death by Haiti police

It is reported that Civil Merius, one of the residents of Camp Acra et Adoquin Delmas 33 has been beaten to death by police after he participated in a protest against arson attack on the temporary camp that houses over 30,000 Haitians. The camp is a temporary residence for these people after their homes were devastated by the earthquake of 2010. Darlin Lexima, another camp resident was also reported to have been beaten up by the police and taken in custody but Darlin did not participate in the protest. However, Darlin was later released by the police without any charges.

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Impact of Haiti Earthquake Still Felt After Three Years

Three years after Haiti's earthquake shattered the country's infrastructure, little has happened in recovery efforts. Immediately following the quake, the population of Port-au-Prince slept on streets, sidewalks, their autos, or jerry-built hovels. Thousands of bodies lay decomposing in the open air with rising levels of putrefaction. Delays in aid distribution caused random outbreaks of violence and survivors retaliated.

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Destruction of Port-au-Prince and the regions' historical and government buildings were demolished or heavily damaged. Ruination of Haiti's infrastructure has added up $8 billion. Even though the country received $9 billion in aid, less than 10% has been spent in rebuilding localities. Recovery funds have been misspent in the millions due to not prioritizing urgent and wide-scale improvements needed. A result of this shows at least 500,000 quake survivors still living in tent cities in Port-au-Prince.

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A prayer for Haiti before Hurricane Tomas hits

This goes without saying that Hurricane Tomas concerns lots of people around the world for Haiti. These people, more than one million f them, are literally living out in the streets. The tents that they are currently living under are not even effective in keeping the sun out.

Hurricane Tomas is likely to bring rain which many experts predicted will exceed 20 or 30 inches. Major flood with mudslides is also likely following hurricane Tomas.

So imagine, winds of over 90 to 110 mph in tents while water rising with mud. By the way, there is an outbreak of cholera going on right now in Haiti and hurricane Tomas could create a more widespread outbreak.

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