The Haitian Town Of Desdunes

Desdunes is a small town that is part of Haiti's Artibonite department. It is a home for about 27,000 people. It was originally called Ti Desdunes and it is 54 miles from Port-au-Prince while 12 miles away from Gonaives. Moreover, the distance between the northwestern part of the town and the Caribbean Sea is some 10 miles. As a matter of fact, people can already see and witness the beauty of the Caribbean Sea when they are in Desdunes.


Because the town of Desdunes is so small, the supply of clean water and basic medical services are not enough for the residents. Given this, various organizations are working to provide the necessary assistance to the townspeople. The Operation Blessing International's local arm called Operation Blessing Haiti Relief is just one of the groups helping Desdunes. The organization reached out to Desdunes residents last year, when they launched a clean drinking water and medical program. Under the program, residents received free supply of clean water, as well as medical assistance in a span of 10 days.

Other assistance programs are still being conducted in the town. Some of these programs involve treatments and preventive measures against various health issues such as tropical diseases and cholera. In-kind Donation of Safe Motherhood Kits, as well as Rapid Response Mechanism, are also among the programs rolled out in the small town.

When it comes to access to other places, Desdunes is quite left behind because it does not have its own airport. The nearest one is the Cap-Haitien International Airport, which is some 40 miles away from the town.

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