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Yonel Previllon, former PHTK Deputy Candidate for Desdunes, assassinated

Platform PHTK is mourning the death of one of its members. Yonel Previllon who is a former candidate for deputation in the commune of Desdunes was assassinated on the night of February 9 in Delmas 75. I was informed that Mr. Yonel Previllon as with the PHTK candidate for President, Jovenel Moise, just minutes before his assassination

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo touye Yonel Previllon, ansyen PHTK Kandida pou Depite pou Desdunes

Platfòm PHTK pran lapenn lanmò youn manm pitit gason li. Yonel Previllon ki te yon kandida pou Depite nan Desdunes te mouri asasine nan nwit 9 fevriye an nan Delmas 75. Yo te enfòme Mwen ke mesye Yonel Previllon te ak PHTK kandida a pou Prezidan, Jovenel Moise, jis minit anvan yo te asasina li

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Development plan for Desdunes

On January 17, 2014, the Francophone Group Environmental Action (GAFE), along with the city of Desdunes, unveiled a new project to give support to the city in respect to the output of their domestic plan for developing their district.

Witnessed by 60 of the town's citizens, the launch also included representatives from international, local and regional organization, all with the aim of formulating a development plan for Desdunes. The expected delivery date for the planned activities is the 31st of December 2015. Throughout the project, details on the affected territories will be disseminated to all donors and investors, providing an overview of the scope of the project in a bid to avoid overlaps caused by outside acts.

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The Haitian Town Of Desdunes

Desdunes is a small town that is part of Haiti's Artibonite department. It is a home for about 27,000 people. It was originally called Ti Desdunes and it is 54 miles from Port-au-Prince while 12 miles away from Gonaives. Moreover, the distance between the northwestern part of the town and the Caribbean Sea is some 10 miles. As a matter of fact, people can already see and witness the beauty of the Caribbean Sea when they are in Desdunes.

Because the town of Desdunes is so small, the supply of clean water and basic medical services are not enough for the residents. Given this, various organizations are working to provide the necessary assistance to the townspeople. The Operation Blessing International's local arm called Operation Blessing Haiti Relief is just one of the groups helping Desdunes. The organization reached out to Desdunes residents last year, when they launched a clean drinking water and medical program. Under the program, residents received free supply of clean water, as well as medical assistance in a span of 10 days.

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In general everything goes well, Edmond Mulet following Haiti election

I do not know where the Director of the Stabilization Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, gets his information.

Following the 2010 Haiti election, Mr. Edmond Mulet said: " "in general everything goes well, all is quiet. There are minor incidents in Desdunes (north of the country) but there is no reason to fear because it is a party election."

Was he looking at the same thing we were looking at? Please, can someone tell me?

Is Mulet referring to the election in Haiti that took place on November 28?

Was he listening to the news media that were covering all the problems I heart about on the day of the election?

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