Unveiling the Thin Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer

The issue of abortion causing or being the effect of breast cancer has been highly politicized. This is the case because no scientific research has been conducted to confirm the close connection between the two. In light of these facts, the section that follows is dedicated to show the possibility of the linkage between the two issues.


Cancer occurs because of the overgrowing of the tissues of a particular organ. This means that the abnormal growth of the cells of organs under observation makes the organ form cramps. It actually forms a tumor on the body part. Every part of the body is susceptible to abnormal outgrowths and breasts are not exceptions. If the growth happens to the breast then what follows is breast cancer.

How possible can abortion be linked with breast cancer? Well, this issue is controversial as it is may elicit different feeling among the different camps of the discussion. The following discussion will try to elaborate the possible connection between abortion and breast cancer.

During abortion, the patient passes through a traumatizing experience. The patient experiences emotional changes, which is contributed by hormonal imbalances in the body. This is the case because hormones like progesterone, prolactin and estrogen are very essential as their production prepare the body as the fetus grows inside the womb.

The production of such hormones is interrupted when the fetus is expelled from the womb in the process of abortion. This imbalance causes the breast cells to grow abnormally. The change of the breast tissues is a response to the removal of the fetus. Since the breasts tissues are not ready to produce milk for the aborted fetus, they become cancerous.

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Subject: Unveiling the Thin Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer edit

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