veteran politician Evans Paul nominated prime minister to lead new government

On Christmas Day 2014, the country's leader, President Michel Martelly, announced his nomination for the new prime minister in seasoned politician Evans Paul. With his new candidate, President Martelly hopes to cool the fires threatening peace in the state following an absurdly long delay in elections. Paul, a previous presidential candidate himself having run in the 2006 elections, will replace Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who was forced to resign to usher in this new government.


Though Paul was unsuccessful in his bid for presidency, he has enjoyed the honor of being mayor of Port-au-Prince in the 1990 elections, just four years after being a part of the take-down of the former Haitian leader Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as "Baby Doc". At this juncture, the president and his nominated prime minister wait for the approval of his choice to move forward.

His appointment will be a big step towards ending the political stalemate that has left the country in near turmoil, as the population eagerly anticipates exercising their democratic muscle, a right denied to them for the past three years. While electoral legislation has been approved by parliament's lower house, senators have refused to hold discussions on the election law, leading to the current impasse. It all has led to accusations from both sides of the political coin, administration and opposition, that both were deliberately postponing the elections. After January 12, 2015, on the anniversary of one of the worst catastrophes the country has had to weather, another great shake-up could possibly occur if the president should be free to rule by decree sans the passing of a vote.

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