Will Haitians in Dominican Republic have to pronounce "Perejil" all over again?

The process of Identifying and classifying Haitian-Dominican or any Dominican with Haitian origin has began. Within the next 30 Days, this Identification is to take place.


"Mezanmi Nin pot Dominikin Ki Gin Tit Tankou: Ti Pye, Mezadie, Petit Frere, ....Pap Citwayen Peyi Sa Anko"

The Dominican Government announced yesterday (Wednesday, October 23, 2013) that they will comply with the Constitutional Court ruling which outlines a foreigner's pathway to Dominican citizenship

This position of the Dominican government to follow the Court ruling came after a meeting by president Danilo Medina who has noted the full respect of the independence of the branches of government and constitutional powers. In the Dominican Republic

Now if your father is Dominican and you happen to carry his last name, I assume that they will have to select a Spanish word hard for Haitians to pronounce and identify them from that.

Most Haitians still have difficulty pronouncing perejil, so people who pronounced perejil without the trill Haitian would have to be denied Citizenship

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Arlene says...

It's just a continuing spit in the face of Hatians.

My country Trindad is near to other islands & entering them is no problem.

Why is D.R. so hard on Haitians, they seem to forget the country was one b4. And there generations came from Africa and Haiti.

Shame on the Domonican government.

We must continue to pray for

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Arlene says...

Jean I agree with you 100%.

Haitians have been forgotten over & over. We must continue to pray for Haitians & that the world will open there

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Arlene says...

Marie I agree with you 100%.Dominicans are racist, they forget their generations came from Africa & Haiti.

My Ex his brother & sisters were born in D.R. but had Haitian parents.one of his sister's still live in the government home they all grew up in, in the area of the cane field, no bathroom, no electricity.

On Dominicans I can say so much more...hmmm...but.we must continue to pray for

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Marie says...

Dominicans are full of ...! They act like white people when they're not, Haitians shoul not have to live in their country in the first

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Jean-pierre says...

It is incredible that the Dominican president has agreed to subject citizens to this undignified test. These people have been victimized all their life, working in slave like conditions.

I would say that the Dominican ruling class not only has no heart but also has no sense of

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Subject: Will Haitians in Dominican Republic have to pronounce "Perejil" all over again? edit

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