Yves Jabouin Fights like a Caged Tiger

Haitian-Canadian mixed martial artist (MMA) Yves Jabouin, born on May 30, 1979, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, fights in the bantamweight category in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. He began his MMA career in 2001, traveling on its circuit. During a fight he strikes like tiger, and fans have nicked-named him Tiger.


In October 2009, Yves Jabouin fought his introductory match at the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) event, taking on Rafael Assuncao, but losing by a split decision. Set to challenge opponent Mark Hominick at the January 2010 WEC event, Jabouin suffered a disappointment, when he sustained an injury during practice, and had to cancel. The fight was re-scheduled for June 2010, and in a second disappointment for Jabouin, Hominick won with a round two TKO. But in November 2010, at the WEC, Jabouin rebounded, beating Brandon Visher in a unanimous decision.

In October 2010, WEC was bought out by the UFC organization, and all WEC MMAs now fight under the UFC banner.

In 2011, Yves Jabouin won two matches and lost one, the loss to Pablo Garza, who got Jabouin in a flying triangle choke, in round one. His two wins were split decisions, the first against opponent Ian Loveland in August, and the second to Walel Watson in December.

Jabouin was scheduled to face off with opponent Mike Easton, in May 2012, but Easton had to bow out with a sustained injury, and Jabouin will be fighting Jeff Hougland.

Jabouin has scored 17 wins during his career, 11 of them either a KO or TKO.

He is working on becoming a more versatile MMA, "whether it is Muay Thai that gives you more power or the finesse of Jiu-Jitsu . . . . I want to . . . be the best"

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