Yvon Neptune, Prime Minister of Haïti from 2002 until 2004

The atmosphere after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was taken out of office in 2004 was expectedly tense. His elected prime minister, Yvon Neptune was first-hand witness to this when, following the removal of Aristide, on March 2, he was almost arrested by a mob claiming he should face corruption charges.


Yvon Neptune

It is said that Guy Philippe was the leader of this crusade and his motive had been in retaliation for interviews Yvon Neptune had given to various news bodies in America and Europe. After having served as Prime Minister since 2002, he found himself replaced by an unelected, provisional new government and the country's 12th Prime Minister, Gérard Latortue.

The new government went on to ban him from exiting Haiti pending corruption investigations and imprisoned him sans a formal charge on the 27th of June, after he answered a warrant for his arrest issued by radio.

It was an ousting and an arrest that would cost the country thousands in damages after the IACHR (Inter-American Court of Human Rights) found and ruled that the interim government's treatment of the former prime minister Yvon Neptune violated a total eleven separate American Convention on Human Rights provisions. Under the constitution, his imprisonment for over 48 hours without the benefit of a hearing before a judge violated his human rights.

Four years of political persecution was given restitution to the tune of $95,000. It was a fight throughout which Yvon Neptune maintained his innocence and protested in whatever way possible, most famously, the hunger strike in April of 2005 which very nearly took his life.

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