RE: Haiti Next Prime Minister - Bernard Gousse, Jean Henry Céant Or Jean...

Jean - July 2 2011, 4:47 PM

Haitian politics is not surprising as many may think; because it is cesspool of all the trashes and poops we've accumulating for hundred of years.

Every time there is a new administration in Haitian politics the selections are made from that same cesspool of trashes and poops.

Therefore, we can be almost sure that Jean Max Bellerive who is already part of that cesspool will be the selected one; further more, he is the choice of uncle Sam. The only preventive measure that the President elect can take is to close and seal that latrine, and start a new process with a new generation of politicians if he has any balls.

Note: this is not to wave a flag of approval for the other two. They themselves are part of the political latrine.

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