RE: Allegation Of Coup D'Etat Conspiracy Against Michel Martelly

Louis-jeune Jn Ronick - February 15 2012, 12:49 PM

One thing that people have to memorize, where Martelly was crossing to be here as a President, This is something to try to understand.

It is misterious.

Me personaly i think anybody who is trying to plan conspiracy against the President will see his carreer go down as butter exposed under the sun, it is really time to have someone that can allow the country to go up, Haitian people is ready to put any body on the ground for Michel Martelly.

Every year those senators, they used to have 1000000 gourdes for the school and they put it in their pocket without doing a thing, this year with the program of the President to put children at school freely, they complain about that money, cause they had already planned to have it in their pocket, so they go crazy...

Haitian people say it is enough.

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