Re: Will Jean-Claude Duvalier Be Arrested Today?

Vladimir - January 18 2011, 12:40 PM

I think they crazy
Baby doc need to stay in the country help the people and rebuilt my country
se yon timinorite yo bay lajan anba kab mande arete l, nou menm ki an majorite a nou pap pran nan deblozay sa a nou konprann trebyen sa yo vle fe nap mande ak tout otorite yo pou yo pran responsabilite yo an men ki donk la vi jeanclaude Duvalier nan men yo atansyon pou yon grenn bouton nan chemiz li pa rache alevwa pou yon grenn cheve nan tet li, mwen menm m pa janm pale nan bouch se mwen menm menm ki fos nan vil Gonayiv atansyon atansyon atansyon pou m pa tounen.

E non plis Gonayiv gen pou l fe Aristid tounen nan peyi a anko sa pap dire two lontan, epi nou mande pou tout moun swiv avek atansyon.

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Will Jean-Claude Duvalier be arrested today?

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