RE: Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou starts Caribbean tour in Haiti

Fermilien Francy - August 30 2013, 12:41 PM

it's like we said, we still have people who wants to help us, but michel the job has to done.what is it, look what the american government says about us, kidnaping people from the airport those guys have to punished even kill them in public every one could see exemple is giving and the rest will be calmed and look for something else to do.
Mr president the first and the most important thing in the country to develop tourism it's safety security.

We know police get involved in the system as well by punishing them, present them publicly, stop their family to not ever be in charge of any institution in the country.

Please president work on that we need more police in the street exactly in port au prince not those guy with bag in their back, police who really has motivation to give security who can assume their responsibility.

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