RE: Are you for "Dechoukage" or give Michel Martelly a chance?

Soulshadow55 - November 22 2013, 12:27 PM

Haiti has long suffered because of groups overthrowing the government, presidential assassinations, military take-overs, etc. We must let the rule of law govern.

Martelly was duly elected by the people and the people must allow him to finish his term. All this political instability is one of the reasons Haiti is so poor. Businesses do not want to do business in country's where governments change hands in violent ways. As long as he leaves office after his term is complete, he should be allowed to finish his presidency.

No president is going to be able to do everything that everyone wants.

Haitians need to grow up politically and learn to better govern and allow the political process to run its course.

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Are you for "Dechoukage" or give Michel Martelly a chance?

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