Overpopulation in Haiti Holds Country Back from Recovery

Soulshadow55 - December 29 2013, 9:19 PM

Why do you think that just getting rid of Martelly is the complete solution to Haitian over-population?

Haitians have never had access to effective birth control - even before Martelly took office.

Moving forward all presidents and elected officials need to stress to Haitian men and women the need for birth control.

The government may even need to begin passing g out condoms.

It is the Catholic church that persuades Haitians to continue having more children than they can feed or care for. Also Haitians themselves need to stop expecting the government to be their savior and take responsibility for their own welfare.

The government is only as strong as the people and right now the Haitian people are weak because they don't help themselves or the government.

Ant time they don't like something they call for the president to go or they take to the streets burning and looting.

This is not the answer to Haiti's problems.

They only continue to drag the country down. Haitians must work together collectively and volunteer where needed, stop trying to keep the poor down and build a Haiti for all Haitians.

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Overpopulation in Haiti Holds Country Back from Recovery

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