Delmas Viaduct costing over 10 million more then estimated for

Nestor P Mateo - September 18 2015, 11:16 PM

Definitely yes!

Things can and have to be done differently in Haiti.

5 years after the earthquake and the situation for the most people is almost the same!

These people are making great investment in things that could've been important at a moment, or that are really important now, but ...My God!, what about food production?

The country has enormous potential for production development projects in agriculture, lives-stock, agroindustry, agro-forestry, fish and seafood production, mineral extraction, recycling, production of agriculture inputs, and so on, and so on, at small scales, but done by hundreds of thousands of people all over the country, contributing with it to the real socioeconomic development of the country and creating really good conditions of life for millions.

Instead, for the single peasant, to put together a small project, it is upside down; there is not real interest on the side of those controlling the funds to facilitate their projects' beginning, start-up.

And for a small artisan to get a credit for a food production venture, by adding value via processing (duce-macuse, bottled processed food), for example, forget it!

Look at the case of Caracol, a big fiasco for the country, and especially for the 450 families that were displaced out of their good agriculture producing plots, with only 5 days notice, and that only 5,500 ill paid jobs have been hired after 4 years of opening.


The employees of the only industry established over there, female, for the most, only earn about 200 gourdes a day, an amount of money that is not even enough for the meals of the day for one person.

What if these women have children?

What about their other needs?

How are they managing their family budget?; but the enterprise, foreigners, of course, are making the big buck! The clothing industry is one of the most abusive all over the world for the employees.

No! The country needs something way different than what is being done in most scenarios.

The country needs to exploit its much potential for production, but developing a production system which creates wealth for the working population.

The country needs to introduce real opportunities for the Madam-Sarah, who support about 70% of households in the country, and remain silent all the time; and sacrifice themselves all the time for the sake of their children.

There is still hope for the country, but things have to be done differently.

You cannot keep doing things the same way at all the time and expect different results...

better results.

That's a fact of life.

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Delmas Viaduct costing over 10 million more then estimated for

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